Legacy 5* Improvements

Any chance to improve on Horghall and Justice as 2 examples. Both have been around for a while but compared to any event hero, season 2 hero, etc. some just don’t pack the punch or skills to make them a mainstay.

While new heroes are definitely welcome some improvements to legacy heroes would be welcome.

They were buffed during one of the recent updates. :slight_smile:

  • Justice: Direct damage increased from 220% to 240%. Accuracy for all enemies decreased from -35% to -40%.
  • Horghall: Direct damage increased from 225% to 235%.
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As @ThePirateKing said, those examples actually were buffed quite recently, in the release prior to the current one.

Just adding in the full list from that particular round of buffs:

Since the heroes suggested by the OP have already been buffed in the last couple of months, I’m going to close this thread.

If you want to recommend specific buffs to a hero that hasn’t been buffed recently, you can search for an existing thread in #ideas-feature-requests, and create a new one if there isn’t one for that hero. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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