Left my Alliance

I accidently left my alliance. I cannot remember their name. Is there a way to recover the name?

Do you remember your leader name?

I did the same thing! While I was trying to figure out how to return they replaced me.

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I’ve been trying to remember.

Some alliances have really whacky names. And they don’t exactly come up in normal conversation in alliance chat (which is where I know I spend most of my time in the alliance panel). Don’t be too hard on him. It doesn’t show a lack of dedication or activity, only a spotty memory.

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So the alliance lack of communication as well. If they have a good communication they can reach all member through other applications like line, discord or Fb messenger. Both of them is not good way for healthy alliance if they want growing fast. But for casual player maybe the situation like that is acceptable.

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Yup. I’d just post a “D’oh, silly me” message on my alliance’s Line. But my previous alliance had no Line.

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I think it’s not that hard to forget the alliance name unless its very simple or has special meaning to the player.

We changed our alliance name a while back and I made sure I wrote it down just in case. Unless you are often referencing your alliance name such as “way to go ABC alliance”, you may never think about it.

I have to think hard sometimes for my phone number and address

Yep, it will be hard to reach each other if they don’t use other applications. Prepare for accidentally losing account, they need to screen shoot the ally names , so it will be easier to find them in case needed.

The way I always remember names is thinking about it and going through the alphabet till it rings a bell. If it was made up of more than one word and one name comes to mind put that in alliance search.

We have changed our name several times but we have Line, good luck.

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Really good idea to start searching the ally! Good luck!

And of course it’s a good idea to have all those details including your alliance name written down in case you need to contact SG for support one day.

Do any of your old alliance members frequent one of the global chats? If so then you may be able to reconnect them through that.

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