Leaving war after using all 6 flags

What happens when a member leaves Alliance before end of war time AFTER they use their flags

Does Team war score drop?

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The score is counted in alliance total score even though the player disappear from the scoreboard list.

Don’t worry.


We have had two members leave this war out of sheer frustration with the game. One used all flags and left the other used 3 flags and left.

I will consider this member is good one who cant let down alliance where he was durring war…

1- If he leave war after using flags there should be no issue
2- he cant receive loot after war is done
3- If he leave war after using flags and join back his war stats reset to zero
4- He cant claim war chest either
5- his contribution in war score will not get affected its already added in alliance war stats

But there should be no issue coz he has done his job with responsibility, and any player have rights and personal interest to leave and join any alliance with whom he/she feels comfortable :blush:


I tested 2 and 4 and they’re not true. If you leave after you use your war flags and the war isn’t over, you’ll still get the loot and it won’t affect the war chest.
In fact, you can receive the war rewards even if you’re not part of the alliance when the war is over (I was out of the alliance when I took this screenshot):

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i have read a post on the forums about some teams manipulating the war score by leaving the alliance after the war, until calculation period is over.
from what i understood, they dont get the war rewards, but they still get the war chest once reached.
they leave, keeping the war score as it is while they get stronger, they get matched with weaker teams and they win, reset and repeat.
hope that helped

That’s good, then it probably addresses the issue that @Blink0805 mentioned.

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@948ri31 did get the rewards even after leaving the alliance so half the explanation i read is wrong. but they were all confirming that the war score is affected