Leaving Alliance during war question

I left alliance by mistake during war, and then suddenly joined back after realizing lol. All flags are used. Will I receive my War loot because I am winning the war. Its a one to one war :). Also the war chest score will be added to my participation percentage?

Thanks in Advance guys

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Sadly this happens to many. Happy that u used your flags though. The answer is yes to both questions. U will get your loot and participation.


Wow, that’s a relief. Thank You


Even if you visited another Alliance as long as you don’t participate in their War and you always participate in your own Wars in your alliance you’ll still get 100% participation


Happy gaming my friend and stop leaving mid War LOL


I invited mercs for killing a titan, after the titan they left and I also left with them lol and then suddenly realized my mistake.

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It happens to the best of us, don’t stress about it at least you used all of your flags. Because as you may or may not know if you leave and you still have Flags you will not be able to use the rest of them. And that will make the alliance not very happy with you LOL

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Yes, luckily I used all flags. Thanks for the nice and swift response mistress :slight_smile:


I thought you got war chest participation but no war loot.

If u used flags u get loot. If they changed it I’m unaware. @Rockstar u get loot and participation?

You may be right. It’s good to know. I remember someone using their flags and leaving our alliance, then coming back and saying he got no loot. So I always thought that’s how it was. But I myself never experienced it, so it’s always good to learn. Thanks.

Yeah if you leave the alliance and you don’t return you don’t have anything coming but as I understood he left and then came back before war end did …so I believe he gets the loot and War participation now I could be wrong but that’s how I understood it to be

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Yes, I got both War loot and War Chest loot too.


Never make that mistakes durring AW when u are in a alliance otherwise you will find your name in ALLIANCE WAR JUMPERS section lol…

A lot of other leaders keep track of AW JUMPERS/ABUSERS track including me !

Thanks. I’ve learned something. You were right, @Mistress_of_Shadows.

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Read my post fully you will know. No need to be a boss here. keep it cool and enjoy the game.

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