Leave your dead alliance - 1 spot left


Psychotic Break has one spot available.

Alliance offers:

  • 28 active committed team players
  • Experienced titans/war
  • 8/9* titans
  • Friendly chat
  • War is a must we do not allow opt out

Looking for:

  • Active, committed, experienced team player
  • 30 heroes for war
  • 21+
  • 3000+tp (neg)
  • Engage in friendly chat
  • 1000 trophies

If you are in a dead alliance come join us or looking for home come join us.

We are a Global Alliance with team member in USA, UK, Europe, Philippines, Canada, South Africa. We are supportive of all members.


We have filled this position people


We have two vacancies now available.


We have 1 left people going fast


Gone filled … thank u