Leave Avatars, Pins, and Backgrounds available in the Shop all the time / have a catalog of them instead of rotating

This has probably been suggested but i think they should change the current way pins,backgrounds and avatars are offered,i hate waiting for certain ones i want to come back around. why not just offer them all the time? like maybe make a whole new tab next to the shop call it maybe cosmetics or something like that…anyway thank you all for reading happy hunting!!!

I would like this too. I have been looking for the US flag for almost 2 months now


Yes, please. Just allow us to buy the pins we like and not wait for them to come around—certainly with the country flag pins. We have players who are rather upset they can’t get the pin for their country even though they watch daily.


I like this idea too. Been waiting to get an Australian flag pin. Option to buy straight away would be great.


Hi. I would like them to put the pin of the flags of all the countries. Since this game is played by people from many places.

I agree with you given it will take too long to cycle through all countries in the world

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Surely this will be merged since there are many topics asking the same, and waiting to be implemented.
But I agree 100% with this idea. I check every single day hoping for argentinian flag and nothing. I’ve seen flags appearing 2 and 3 times and others not even once.


Merged. :slight_smile:

I can’t believe so few people supported this…

Sure, it’s just cosmetic. And fewer people care about cosmetics. But for those who do, it’s really a pain in the butt. Waiting MONTHS for your country flag to show up is unrealistic.

I agree with the new tab idea.
Do it just for the country flags. Emoticons can stay on cycle. That way, emoticons cycle will be faster as well. And people who are gunning for certain emoticons will have easier time.

Or if SG insist on keeping it as limited time offers, probably separate country flag pins and emoticon pins. That way, at least the cycle time would be slightly less infuriating.


I support it. I sort of understand why they would want to make certain heroes only available for limited times, as they affect gameplay (and making them “rare” can increase sales when they do come out), but I don’t understand the rationale behind limiting the availability of cosmetic items. Maybe a few certain special avatars or something, sure. But why make people wait days, weeks, or even months to get a specific flag pin or background color? Seems like they might be missing out on potential gem revenue by not offering these things every day.


Totally agree we need a full library to chose from


I’d like to ask from the designers a ‘little’ favor…

Some people are proud to show wich country they are from. Is it possible to set the country pin from your country as a basic pin?

I know some people have already payed for their pin, so I don’t ask it to be free, but I don’t like to wait for months until my country pin shows up, since there are a lot of players from a lot of different countries who play this game and there are a lot of other pins that don’t involve any country…

Isnt it possible to expand the avatar shop to include previous offerings… i might be waiting for a specific flag or background, but missed it a week ago… would be nice to have a catalogue of available avatars, backgrounds etc

I’m sure it is…but I expect the pressure tactics and novelty factor boosts revenue.

Should I impulsively buy this now or wait for X number of weeks until I see it again? Better buy buy buy!!

But having more on offer, you might want more and buy multiples… could go both ways

I’ve heard rumor that a new version of the Avatar Shop might be in the works for some future release, though it’s not in beta yet.

I hope so… I wouldn’t mind if all the characters were available to add as an avatar. Atleast, have access to any character already in our hero roster. Been waiting for a chance to add Alberich as my avatar…I’d spend all my gems to have him as my persona on here…

He’s come up in the Avatar Shop periodically as the Featured Avatar for 1200 gems.

I must’ve missed ol’ Alberich when he came available…been checking for him since this reply. I still say if you have a certain hero in your team already, we should be able to use that hero as an avatar. Not many ppl have him and I would still spend 1200 gems to allow him to be my avatar… all 5* heroes at 1200
4* @ 600 and 300 for the rest. Kill the “avatar” as a reward especially in the missions. It’s not motivation to complete those missions just to get an Avatar that you really don’t want. I just finish the missions that give gems. I’ve acquired sooo many Avatars but, I’ve only used the first one I picked when I started the game over a year ago. It’s a waste of space having so many I don’t use or care for since I only want Alby as my Avatar. That Avatar section could be used for something else. Just give the option to use an existing hero as an Avatar from our own heroes. Maybe a designated set of (classic heroes) for beginners when they start the game and then eliminate that option after a person starts to acquire heroes of their own

Why don’t you have a full library of pins and avatars to buy from… The odd few a day is I think pointless plus if you want a specific one… You might miss the day it’s up… … If you made a full library of all of them plus all new ones I am sure you would sell more.

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