Leave alliance during the war

Important for all alliance leader about this player

moderator’s note: player profile screenshot removed by @zephyr1

hope he never find alliance ,he even can’t wait until war is over ,hate player like this…

Sorry @Yip the forum is not a place to name and shame others :frowning_face:… even if they’ve behaved poorly.

Edit: @Rook @Kerridoc @zephyr1 @Garanwyn what’s your opinion?


35min left and he left us during the war is that fair?

Doesn’t change the fact that you’re not supposed to name names.

Also, plenty of alliances have member turnover during war, it’s not optimal but neither is it optimal when people don’t use their flags. Caca occurs.


It depends, if he used all his flags yes, if not definitely no.

Well, I still can’t see the issue, it may look unfair, but players can leave alliance anytime they like. Note, forum rule doesn’t permit name shaming.
So you may have to edit or remove the player’s info.

What alliance leader should do is to maintain good rapport with members, if good communication is lacking, you won’t even know the reason why some left.


Thats his choice, he already messed up his war chest so he may have had a good reason to do so, and already faced consequences. Why the witch hunt now.

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You can’t have it both ways - you can’t argue that what he did is fine (players can leave alliances at any time) and then suggest the post is shaming.

If it’s okay, it’s not shaming.

It’s only shaming if it’s not okay.

Pick your position.

Forum rule is forum rule irrespective of the payers action towards his alliance, and it still doesn’t preclude the liberty of players to leave alliance whenever they like.
My choice doesn’t come to play in this.


If what the guy did isn’t wrong, it’s not a shaming post therefore does not run afoul of forum rules.

It would be the same as If someone posted “Player X in my alliance leveled Santa!”

Um, cool? It’s just part of the game

Which is what you are suggesting leaving during war is. Just part of the game.

Ergo, not shaming.

Deleting the post for shaming admits/proves that leaving during war is bad.

People forget that at the end of the day this is a game and everybody is entitled to do whatever they want.
If he used all his flags i dont see the problem, if he didnt didnt he still has the power to leave but i dont respect that decision since its hurting everybody in the alliance and that could change the outcome of the war especially if he’s a high ranking player.

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Player leaving alliance during a war, is a different mater, coming to the forum to post his info is another, the aspect of posting his info on the forum for any wrong action is name shaming and forum rule doesn’t support that.


“For any wrong action” - which you argued above it was not. I’m glad to see you changed your mind.

no respect, no right

Maybe the better wording would be perceived wrong. There are no right or wrong in a game, but it is wrong to throw someone’s name out in public because you perceive they did you wrong (name shaming).

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While it’s understandable that someone leaving during a War is frustrating, #forum-rules prohibit naming and shaming.

Some players choose to maintain lists of players who have caused problems in alliances in other locations such as LINE, Discord, and Facebook groups — which is fine. The Forum just isn’t the place for that.

This thread has been closed and hidden. Thanks for understanding! :slight_smile:


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