Learning curve is to high

I did not know how many teams of heros are needed to do alliance wars at first I had only one team of heros only to find out I needed more so I had guess it must be five set of heros only to find out I need six teams it would have been nice to know that I need six teams and not know this made me loose the alliance war so my alliance is upset with me for letting my alliance down and I did let them down!

This isn’t a learning curve, more like the amount of time spent

If the alliance leader says it is your fault, leave.


You’re obviously not in an alliance that welcomes new players or does any teaching. They should have told you how wars work before you were even high enough level to participate. This is not your fault. It’s the fault of your alliance. Time to find a new one, one that is willing to teach you.


I have to concur with the opinions of prior posters. Your alliance let you down by not ensuring you knew how everything worked. The loss is not your fault for doing the best with what you had, it’s theirs for failing to make sure a new player to alliance wars knew the rules.
Even if you did know in advance, it takes time to level additional heroes to be effective as combatants. I’m still using some 3* heroes towards the end and I’ve been playing 11 months, levelling heroes the whole time.
I don’t know why you chose your current alliance, but honestly, you should consider looking around for a group that actually teaches their new members how to play, instead of blaming them for the alliance’s failure to do so.


My alliance is a training alliance and we welcome active new players. If you’re interested, (shameless plug) look for Magnificent Bastards


If you go to the War tab, then view the battlefield, in the upper left corner you will see a gear icon. Click into there and you will find all the rules for Wars. Give it a read over so you know for next time.

I won’t tell you to just leave your Alliance because they blamed you (1 of 30?) for losing the war. But i will agree that if you managed to get through a war without anybody asking you why you only hit once, its not all your fault. My alliance is constantly updating with which teams are weak and ready to be picked off, how many hits, if they will be hitting later in the day… etc. There obviously needs to be better communication for the Alliance members as a whole to increase your success.


If your alliance assumed you knew everything about war and had a bunch of leveled teams without asking, that doesn’t bode well for overall alliance communication. I couldn’t possibly fathom blaming a new guy in that manner…I’d keep an eye on things and if the leaders aren’t helping you out and giving you guidance, I’d look to move on.

Nothing will hold a player who plays every day back more than a crappy alliance.


Remind them it is a game, not a real war.


I agree…time to find new alliance…

Visit 7ddgaming.com too for game knowledge too & if you still want more support or to find ppl to chat with, check out 7d discord channel

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Thankle you 2 all right now I building my teams 30 heros and going 2 take me some time so that I am as good as I can be 4 my level to battle in my next alliance war! I did leave the alliance and just a side note that was my second time in a bad alliance with a leader that was not playing 4 over 4 months I guess just bad luck!

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Keep on going. There are a lot of good alliances out there. You will find one just looking around here.

Even if they don’t talk it may be good. Keep coming to the forum. There is a lot of knowledge here and many people willing to offer advice and help. Joining the forum has been the best thing for me. I have learned a lot. My alliance is great, not super talkative. More casual, but pretty active.

Good luck to you and I hope you find the right alliance. I would take @NPNKY p on her offer. She is always here offering advice. She seems like good people!!


Thank u 4 input I just need a few days to get on feet & and I have learned how 2 find an alliance on both this forum and in the game it self!

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Anything you need to know or anything you want to ask just come to the forum.


umm…if the alliance leader came down on you at all…tell him to hump a pre heated oven and bail.

Their the leader…if you’re new he should have informed you.
or set up minimums for people to join.

There are literally thousands of alliances out there…each one better than the next.

I thought i was in a good one…then wanted a more advanced one…found one…then one day all the 2000+ cuppers had enough and quit…found another and same…now im in a team that is actively beating 8 and 9s…and very chatty…good fit…

Just move on…


My alliance has a leader that was pretty active, sounded pretty young and was very ambitious on where he would like to see the alliance. When I joined, probably because of how chatty and lengthy my sentences were, he made me Elder. Which, kind of surprised me, does chatty and long winded = old?

Fast forward a few months, we are regularly beating 3* Titans and can sometimes kill a low leveled 4* depends if we have enough hitters. We have never managed to slay a 5* just because we don’t have enough heavy hitters yet and not all of the alliance members are active. Our leader has also taken some hiatus where he hasn’t been active for 2-3 weeks.

We still have a good set of guys that does the Titan hits and the Alliance Wars, but it is getting a bit tough when I only see 13-14 active members hitting Titans daily out of an alliance of 28 and some of our normally heavier hitters have gone absent (including our leader). Whenever new members join, it is hard not to regurgitate what had already been said before, but I still give a little speech. But I don’t think a lot of our members read the chats, so most of my words probably fell on deaf’s ears.

Unless something drastically changes, it might be tough to maintain our current course as we aren’t advancing quickly enough. Part of me started thinking about starting another new alliance, I enjoy our core group of players for their company/efforts and loyalty to stick around, but I don’t know if they are willing to start over and work back up again.


Shohoku, this should be a separate topic.

Suggest you get those who can be counted on to move/merge.


E&P has a high learning curve? Someone hasn’t played EVE Online it appears :smiley:


I sorry I did not know U can move it or u can remove all together I ok with what should be done again sorry!

true but still that photo lol