Learn how to fight at Sky Leaders

We just gutted a :ghost: alliance! All are welcome (except ghosts)

This is a good place for players of all skill levels to learn how to fight (wars, raids, titans).

I used a 3608 raid team to win 3010 trophies & a global rank of #1—so can you!!!

Sky Leaders: the best alliance in the world!

How exactly did you gut a ghost alliance? I assume the leader is a ghost still?

No. No ghosts here. It was a team effort.

You still didn’t answer my question. This is a curious post. I read it as one of the following. Either:

  1. you found a way to get rid of a ghost leader so there are no ghosts there; or

  2. you allowed the alliance to get so messed up that there were ghost accounts and the leader just now decided to get rid of them.

If it’s the first, how’d you do it? If the second, what changed now that you decided to kick the ghosts and what has changed such that ghosts won’t return? Is there another explanation I am missing? :thinking:

Just looking out for potential people. Ghosts are scary. Plus I’m keeping your post near the top :laughing:

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:ghost: Ghostbusters :ghost:

When there’s something strange in the neighborhood who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS :ghost:

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My alliance is comprised of ghosts. Active ghosts. :smile:

How many active war participants in your alliance? Maybe we’ll get matched up against each other and you can attempt some paranormal exterminations.

At 3600 you are right at my level. And I’ve never reached top global rank, so you must be better than me. I like a challenge. :wink:

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Okay now I’m picturing a whole alliance of nothing but Ameonna’s

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I do have an Ameonna but not on my def team. :grin:

But much like Ameonna, my alliance likes to appear invisible at first, then crawl out of the screen in the middle of the night to kill our enemies while they sleep.

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:fearful: :fearful::fearful:

Nah, we’re actually not that scary. 11 warring members between level 24 and 37. Highest defense TP just a tad higher than 3700. Most of our recent opponents have had multiple defense teams above 4000. I would love to actually fight an alliance at our own level for once! A team that is active and uses all flags and isn’t comprised of a bunch of level 40s and 50s who just one-shot our weaker defenses like they’re playing casual whack-a-mole.

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