Leaning Yunan... but

Because ascension materials are so few and far between I agonize over every ascension.
I also have no intention of spending in October so… No. I’m not planning for Kingston. Can only play with what I have.

Ascended 5* (4/80)

  1. Eve
  2. Greg
  3. Hatter
  4. Lianna

Ascended 5* (3/70)

  1. Eve2
  2. Eve3
  3. Eve4 (as of 9/3)
  4. Kadilen
  5. Yunan

Unleveled 5*

  1. Horghall
  2. Elkanen
  3. Greg2

Right now I tank Bosswolf, but I want to have some flexibility for my other heroes (Seshat+8 being one) and I think Yunan’s special is pretty fun. Plus I have the emblems to take him to +8 (and the mana troop at +17)

My supporting cast is hefty (Ariel, Grave, etc) so I have fair flexibility.

So far my alliance mates have been divided.

  1. Yunan
  2. Wait for Kingston
  3. Eve
  4. Greg (sniper I guess)

What would you do?

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Yunan is a solid hero, he’s not going to be as good as some of the others for offensive purposes but depending on how you stack and what typical tanks you’re seeing, it’s not like he’s going to cripple you if you max him (although I generally suggest maxing based on offensive needs) … If you had something like… Alby, North or Lady of the Lake… I would obviously be strongly suggesting to max them over a yunan type, but… the game is about having fun… if you enjoy Yunan, go for it. Dupes are boring.


Do Yunan and keep Boss Wolf as your tank.
Yunan flanking Boss Wolf would means that your foes would get only 50% healing while taking riposte damage.

Ariel as healer, Gravemaker and another holy hero and you will have a great fortress.

Gravemaker - Ariel - Boss Wolf - Yunan - Holy Hero


Yunan is certainly a good option in your position. Since you already have Lianna and Greg, Kingston isn’t a huge priority. Yes he’s better than Greg, but you have that niche well covered. Yunan is a good hero and a great tank, so you shouldn’t have any regrets leveling him.



I am changing my answer. Do this.


Hmmmmm … i hadn’t even considered using both… some definite thought there, maybe Onatel to whizz all over their mana. Or Drake to Blind…

Thanks all. Feeling Yunan is the biggest win— at least for the fun of it. Eve2 makes sense too but yes not as fun.


Yunan seems fun. Could tank or flank. Great in field Aid alliance wars or vs teams with 2+ heals

I don’t see as much appeal in the other options personally


I don’t reroll but if I saw that, I’d be looking in my tower for a revenge and pass that nasty lineup.


Yunan for more flexibility in war tank colors.

2nd Eve for more war options or even a double Eve hit.

PS. Please give me your Yunan if you don’t want him. :rofl:

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