🔥[LEAKED INFORMATION]New Heroes and alternate costumes revealed, Season 3 first details[APRIL FOOLS]

Alright, so last week I’ve been talking with a hacker who claims to be a content leaker from 4chan (whose name will be kept unknown), and they’ve given me more detailed info about upcoming features that will be added to the game in the following months, including new playable Heroes, Season 3 details, and character costumes!

Known New Heroes
The known upcoming Heroes are divided into two groups:

  • the Season 3 Heroes, who will be part of the Season 3 summoning portal,
  • and the Variant Heroes, who are existing Heroes (e.g. Elena, Richard, Vivica…) with new stats, skills, class and even element. They will be the first dual-element Heroes of the game.

Known S3 Heroes include:

  • Lolly Pop, a 4* Holy Cleric based on a magical girl with a heart motif with a Special that’s a souped up version of Ramming Pulverizer;
  • O-Roll, a 3* Green Paladin who’s a clean-designed machine who can summon trees as minions;
  • Verity, a 5* Ice Sorcerer sniper who’s a gothic foil to Lolly, and;
  • Enrol, a Fire 5* Warrior with Spirit Link who wields a candy cane.

There isn’t much for now, but a Holy Ramming Pulverizer sounds great.

Known Variant Heroes include:

Earth-friendly Heroes

Preserver Aeron - 5 Nature/Dark Monk, summons rabbits that ‘absorb’ status ailments
Preserver Vivica - 5 Nature/Holy Ranger, summons her dragon to Attack everyone
Preserver Azar - 3 Nature/Fire Barbarian, can heal?
Preserver Kiril - 4 Nature/Ice Druid, Nature resist to neaarby allies
Preserver Kashhrek - 4 Nature Druid, heal and Attack buff (like BT)

Fallen Heroes

Quest Event - a dark alternate universe where the Dark Lord beat our Heroes and took over the world

Fallen Colen - 5 Dark/Fire Barbarian with burn and heal prevention
Fallen Thorne - 3 Dark/Ice Paladin with global ‘freeze’ effect (?)
Fallen Lianna - 5 Dark/Nature Ranger who steals life
Fallen Grimm - 5 Dark/Ice Fighter who deals massive damage at the cost of HP
Fallen Bane - 4 Dark/Holy Rogue with blind and Defense debuff
Fallen Guinevere - 5 Dark/Holy Wizard with Dark and Holy reflect
Fallen Tiburtus - 5 Dark Barbarian who can revive allies

The Dark Lord will be playable aronud the start of this Event, as at least a 5* Hero.

Sweetened Heroes

Sweet Boldtusk - 4* Holy/Fire Cleric who debuffs enemies
Sweet Hansel - 5* Holy/Nature Cleric sniper with Silence
Sweet Gretel - 5* Holy Ranger with very quick mana cut
Sweet Isarnia - 5* Holy/Ice Wizard with debuff protection
Sweet Sartana - 5* Holy/Dark Wizard with DOT and Attack debuff

Winter Heroes

Winter Elena - 5* Ice/Fire Warrior, counter + Elf minions
Winter Evelyn - 5* Ice/Nature Warrior, similar Special to Santa
Winter Athena - 5* Ice Paladin, heal whole team
Winter Kailani - 3* Ice/Holy Sorcerer, heal and buff
Winter Zeline - 5* Ice/Nature Cleric, heal and Attack to single
Winter Panther - 4* Ice/Dark Rogue, sniper with ‘steal’ effect

Hot Heroes(?)

(details are very vague here, no idea what they will look like)
Hot Richard - 5* Fire/Ice Warrior
Hot Li Xiu - 4* Fire/Holy Rogue
Hot Little John - 4* Fire/Nature Ranger
Hot Ares - 4* Fire Paladin (unmasked?)
Hot Hel - 5* Fire/Dark Sorcerer
Hot Gravemaker - 5* Fire Druid (unmasked?)

New costumes and artwork
Alternate costumes will cost about 500 Gems apiece

On top of this, Avatar Shop items such as avatars and backgrounds will have their costs slashed in half to support player customization.

Known alternate costumes

Derric: Business suit
Sharan: Schoolgirl
Hikaru: Japanese Schoolgirl
Fletcher: Medieval King
Brand: Billard player

Layla: science student with labcoat and glasses
Sha Ji: Hairdresser
Jenneh: Animal tamer
Farid: Soccer player
Olaf: Hockey player

Azar: Cook
Hawkmoon: Bird costume
Jahangir: Librarian
Nashgar: Plumber

Boldtusk: Chief
Colen: ‘Hot’ Police officer
Gormek: Mechanic
Guardian Falcon: Conspiracy Theorist
Kelile: ‘Robot’ dancer
Scarlett: Armed ‘gang’ member

Azlar: Business man
Elena: Sports cheerleader
Khagan: Metal bassist
Marjana: Guitarist
Natalya: Fashion model
Zimkitha: Spy catsuit

Graymane: Dog mascot
Gunnar: Policeman
Karil: Firefighter
Valen: Baseball player
Ulmer: Science teacher

Boril: SWAT
Grimm: Metal drummer
Kiril: ‘Cool’ Bouncer
Sonya: Army footsoldier with rifle
Valeria: Circus ringmaster

Aegir: Hobo with a shotgun
Alasie: Snow statue
Isarnia: Fast food cashier
Magni: Mr Universe
Perseus: Drill sergent
Richard: TV announcer
Thorne: Head of state

Belith: Janitor
Berden: Army sniper
Brienne: Bedsheet ghost
Carver: Plumber
Friar Tuck: Catholic Priest
Isshtak: Hobo

Caedmon: Mike holder
Kashhrek: Navy sailor
Little John: Summer salesman
Melendor: Stage actor
Skittleskull: Suspect dealer

Alberich: F1 driver with champagne bottle
Elkanen: Swiss guard
Evelyn: Bathsuit Model
Gregorion: F1 mechanic
Horghall: Cyborg tree
Kadilen: Secretory
Lianna: Architect
Tarlak: Film actor
Zeline: Circus acrobat

Balthazar: Math teacher
Oberon: Metal singer
Prisca: Army colonel
Renfeld: Jailed criminal
Tyrum: Circus firebreather

Cyprian: Wedding suit
Merlin: Circus magician
Rigard: Detective
Sabina: Wedding dress
Tiburtus: Funeral suit with roses

Aeron: ‘Wabbit’ suit
Domitia: Dentist
Hel: Gothic girl
Khiona: Kebab seller
Obakan: ‘Bully’ (?)
Quintus: ‘Electro’/Cyborg
Sartana: Cyber Queen
Thoth-Amun: Tabletop game collector
Victor: Stage actor

Bane: Karate master
Dawa: Janitor
Gan Ju: Journalist
Kailani: Schoolgirl
Melia: Actress

Chao: White wedding suit
Guardian Jackal: Dog suit
Hu Tao: Bug catcher
Li Xiu: MMA fighter
Wu Kong: Ninja

Delilah: Basketball player
Drake Fong: Rice farmer
Joon: Security guard
Justice: Taxi driver
Leonidas: Firefighter
Musashi: Sushi stand keeper
Vivica: School teacher with glasses

Season 3 details
The upcoming Season 3 will be set in a new, colorful world named Sugarland, which is based on sweets (think Candy Land).

The Big Bad will be a ‘Light Lord’ who brainwashes the population into serving him, and tries to do the same to our Heroes - in fact, the player has to fight several Heroes, such as Richard or Layla, while they are under the villain’s control.
The villain will take interest in Elena, because “Her will is too strong for him.”

Well, that’s a lot of early information. What do you think?


Uhm… I take hackers about as serious as politicians. I also don’t think it’s appropriate to post this information here. Leaking Beta information is frowned upon, let alone information that is coming from a “hacker” who has been digging in SG’s data files.

But I’ll let the mods deal with this one: @zephyr1 @Rook @Kerridoc


I think everything you wrote was either revealed in the AMA (personas) or totally fabricated.



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:open_mouth:OMG :open_mouth:OMG :open_mouth:

Apparently the hacker is in UTC+13 and just posted this link to an even wilder look at the HERO ACADEMY (linky,linky)


Too far-fetched for a good april fools joke.


I smell a set-up for April Fool’s Day, lol, but I like it anyway. Myself, I’m waiting for the new Halloween hero, the Great Pumpkin, who rises up out of the Pumpkin Patch to throw orange presents the way that Santa and Buddy do with Christmas presents… :wink:


I think this one was released early. :wink:


OP posted on the 1st April, April fools day !!!

I’ll believe it when I see it !


I’m glad i probably would not live long enough to see it :face_with_monocle:

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Didn’t they say that season 3 is still a long way?

Definitely april fool

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Nice april’s fool

She is the guard’s captain, why she have to summon tinky winkies instead of guards?


This leaks to be foolish…

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I want Candy Crusher :fist_right:t4::lollipop::fist_left:t4:

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Seems like someone planned an elaborate April’s fool joke.


Sweetened heroes and season 3 Sugarland sound good though.

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Sure was a lot of work for just an April Fools joke… but a good one… NOT!!

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Would be awesome to change dress code lol especially for the well shaped female Hero’s example Natalya !!!

I heard the gingerbread man is the evil Mastermind behind this.


Ye gods! I wath tricked by yonder April Fool! How naive I am!

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