League review, definitely needs improvements to say the least

I played just one match and received the following as loot.

I’m happy with that.

Lol, you didn´t need to play a match for that though :smiley: But you should have gotten some tiny participation loot for the first round (or maybe even for the second round?)

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I partially agree with you.
Winning quickly has less to do with luck and more to do with what heroes you have. Basically you need a team that will kill everybody with 6 tiles of your color or less. Of course luck is part of it, but only secondary, as you first need the team that is able to kill in 6 tiles only then it matters if you get those 6 (or less) tiles in 2 or 5 turns.
That is also the reason why that is part of the scoring system as SG wants to incentivize having all kinds of heroes, especially heroes that may be different from regular war teams.

  1. Making “empty net matches” is stupid yes, I personally refused to do it as I hate wasting my time, just for a bit of extra score, but for people that want to be serious about maxing their scores this is of course fine. They do much worse things to improve their event scores :wink: I don´t mind features (or in this case parts of features) that I can simply ignore.

This is unlikely to ever happen, it would incentivize smaller heroes over bigger ones and SGs only interest is in selling the big new shiny heroes.

This is already part of the event scoring system, so it would be easy to add, but I don´t see the point of introducing this in the league, as you say, same result as the empty net dragons/diamonds, it just means you have to fool around after you have won, while trying to avoid killing the last enemy. So no, thank you, from me.

Lol I didn’t know that then though.

Better on the safe side

League was a blast, I’m not sure when the next one will start, but looking forward to it.

Ita coming right after the next Monster Island…