League review, definitely needs improvements to say the least

For my part I do regret signing up at all and doing two raids. I did so to see what they hype was and frankly, it is something I can easily do without.

Also, FWIW the available loot is rarely a factor in my in-game participation decisions.

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By every standard 4 weeks isn’t “months”. “months” = plural. So, if you wanna be “nit-picky”, maybe differentiating between singular and plural would be helpful. :wink:

Come on Pr0spero. “months”? How many weeks are in multiple months :laughing:

Sure, keep telling yourself that :wink:

I liked it. It was tough but I was happy to get to the final round. Better loot would be nice and ranking that extends out farther than just 10k.


This :arrow_up:

Frankly, i find it utter BS that so few of the total players in the event get anything more than a bog standard participation reward.

In a 3 day tournie, it still sucks, but it wasnt a major time investment so whatever.

To find time to play over so many days in Leagues takes a bit of effort for many of us, a bit of sacrifice. I often found myself having to stay up late to do my attacks ar the end of the day.

They cut each group at the bottom 25% bracket. Why cant they reward the top 25% at event end? Hell, why not more than 25%?

The fact it was a Beta is a poor excuse. They just got a f***-tonne of data for their new event by using us as testers. How about a little quid pro quo, Zynga?

10 blems of each type is something, but how useful is it? Cant even progress one node on a Legendary with that. 10 Golden Blems i would have applauded.

I generally don’t mind trying new things, but… everything I read about this event in advance said “doing this sounds a lot like doing a month of extra tournament hits.”

Personally, I don’t expect much from tournaments; I mostly do tournament hits to sometimes help fill my raid chest, and, if I’m lucky, the odd PoV/PoG task.

But tournaments come with their own energy and have at least some (non-negative!) rewards, in addition to the above considerations.

And… I got sucked into this game, like many, by the feeling of chasing advancement in the game. So, yeah, I respond to incentives. (And especially for events that I, personally, don’t find additionally intrinsically interesting — the occasional bit of raiding is one thing, but I already feel like I attempt more raids than I actually enjoy.)


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I agree the loot was poor but honestly it wasn’t a surprise.

As always the loot is the big hang-up. Well we all new before it would be crap as it was announced to be crap. And the result is it turned out to be crap lol. So far so good and nothing much to talk about.
I still find it important to point out that it actually was crap in this case, because

  1. It was exceptionally crap, worse than anything I have seen before
  2. because of the high participation cost (lost food from raids) it would have to be exceptionally good loot to make up for it
  3. We can expect very bad loot in the live event as well, because so far when SG called a global beta with beta loot and then introduced the live event the loot did not get any significant upgrades (see W3K and Monster Island)

So unless SG improves loot by a major, huge, gigantic power leap (creep pun intended). This event will die a very fast death by lack of participation, I believe, which would waste SG development costs.
Of course I may be completely mistaken and majority of players doesn´t understand the participation cost or doesn´t mind huge effort for negative loot.

And btw I am not saying the event is crap, it could actually be fun and I don´t mind having tried it out either, but at current (or even at moderately better) cost benefit ratio I will never play it again.
While other things would need to be addressed as well (defense points mainly), I won´t even start thinking about those issues, because the loot is so out of whack bad.
As a comparison W3K also has bad loot, but other issues are more serious, so my feedback there was focused on fixing the gameplay, but here it seems pointless to fix a feature if there is no reason to ever play it no matter if it is good or bad.


For me, the two most enjoyable aspects of the game are raids and alliance wars. Everything else seems like a side hustle. Even the latest seasons are nothing more than a grind. I only recently finished S3 hard.

… BUT …

Up until recently I sat comfortably between 2500-2600 cups. For the last week or two I now struggle to open the chest in diamond. I opened the game yesterday at 2285 cups. And even at that level I am matched against 5500+ teams with heroes I don’t recognize (which generally means they wipe me out in 3 moves). It is getting harder and harder to even win 50/50.

The game is starting to leave me behind in a big way.

The use of raid energy was the main reason I only did 2 hits in the League, and would be the main reason I don’t participate in future.

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Wow…sorry to read that.
I just dont fully understand why.
I dont remember how long you have been playing but it seems to be a couple of years. :slightly_smiling_face:
This would mean as an ftp or ctp you have now an average but deep roster with a few highlights.
As a 5.5+ year ftp I had the same symptoms for a short time alightly delayed after LB2 but now I sit stable around 2.6k cups.
Defense would be Kravecrush, Heimdall, LudwigLB2, Adalinda and Joon in reversed V formation.
With the exception of Ludwig all heros are maxed and LB1.
For raid offense I use mostly my little purple pain machine and my blue mono.
If necessary I use 3-2.
The mono use is a) lazy but b) with good synergy especially in the pain machine quite effective,
The skip button is my best friend and allows the pain machine with 4850 tp to shine against teams up to 5.5k tp since she loves passive teams/tanks. :slightly_smiling_face:
Win % is still around 80%.
Do you not skip the monster teams or is there another reason for your problems?

Hope you will find a way to solidify your position in Diamond. :+1:

I have been playing since Feb 2018. But, I am only level 80 after all that time. And I haven’t LB2’ed a 5* yet. I suspect that is the likely reason. That and lately my opponents seem to have well-developed troops now.

Even LB1’ed, more than half my bench is S1, although some are costumed.

I skip the obvious ones, and the ones I have learned are the obvious ones the hard way. It’s more the cups I lose now when offline that are hurting me. Defence hasn’t changed in over two years.

I am working on some newer heroes to add – Quintin and Gefjon are getting closer. And I want to get started on Torben after Gefjon. Quintin and Torben with my Ludwig may be a big boost. And I may now have enough resources to get a TC1/2 going to speed up the process. Plus I have some newer 4*'s sitting at 1-1 I should work on.

I just don’t like grinding anymore.

I think I also need to go back to my 4* troops and neglect the 2/3* again. I will continue to suffer in the Epic tiers as a result though.


I like raiding more when I do less of it, frankly.

I don’t mind trying my hand at being competitive a bit, especially when it’s just about eventually filling my raid chest (which, frankly, is no great shucks as rewards go — and even the impetus to get an elemental chest to spawn is not that great, given that even those chests, while worth filling, often don’t really seem much worth striving toward).

But between PoV and PoG tasks, tourneys, wars, W3K, even Covenant faux-raids, I feel like I am generally already raiding more than I really enjoy, but especially:


This! So much of this.

I got pulled into this game, like many, by the feeling of progression and advancement, but I’ve been feeling for years now that I’ve been in retrograde (even as I’ve gone from F2P to light-to-moderate spending).

My raid win rate depends heavily on how much I mash the heck out of the Reroll button, much less when if I’m trying to hunt reds and rogues while using three costumes and a 3* hero (or at least balancing the desire to complete tasks with the fewest raids against the difficulty of meeting multiple PoG conditions at once).

There are large numbers of heroes I pretty much will almost always reroll past, because I either have no reasonably viable counter, period, and/or because of numerical disparity (at some point, it’s just not worth repeatedly bringing ~950/950/1600 heroes against ~1250/1250/2300 heroes even if the Specials and/or colors are in some sense well-matched).

In tournaments, rerolls aren’t an option, and in wars… there’s some choice, but increasingly I find myself in “just break the tank” mode or “cleanup broken teams” mode.

And it becomes increasingly tangible that raids and their ilk exist to show how much better heroes there are out there. But I know this — I’ve known it since my early days of playing, but it’s gone from “players with newer heroes will always have some advantage” to “players with newer heroes and the ability to level, re-level, re-re-level, re-re-re-re-re-level them and seemingly instantly and at will have an advantage that’s hardly worth tackling.”

So… yeah, I don’t need a month-long event to further shove this in my face, or, at the very least, if I’m going to add to my Sisyphean-uphill-slog playing experience, I’d like the chance to actually earn something substantial from it.

(I mean, frankly, Hero League seems like it’s at least on par with using a full month of war flags, plus it at least currently opportunity-costs the food/iron/recruits of regular raiding, so arguably a standard, non-placeholder HL reward should be on par with, if not better than, a war chest.)

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Hey…I found an alpha aether in a red chest today so they are still worth filling! :+1: :heart_eyes:
I get the impression that long time players get a little bit jaded concerrnng rewards which is not
a suprise since one chest doesent have the same impact it had a couple of years ago.

@nevarmaor I think your problem concerning cups could quite “easyly” be solved by LB2 Ludwig.

Yep I reroll a lot to and even Lady of the Lake is an auto skip for me if she is not very weak or in a stupid team.
But I coast by in the following way.

a) Find a team with a high probable win% for my little purple pain machine or one of my other strong teams, which in this case means a passive defense for the pain machine or a good color and skill match up for other teams.

b) The match up should give few cups if I win and loose many if I loose.
Win win situation…it is a bi differense if I win 20 cups 4x and 40 1x compared to winning 30+ cups 4x and loosing 20 1x. May way of “active” cup droping which allows me to put on my best defense which usually keeps cup losses managable.

c) Nice to have but only marginaly importan…food loot since I am constantly short on ham! :slightly_smiling_face:

With this system and LB2 Ludwig and the pain machine I am siting with around 2.6 k cups happyly in low diamond and hope that all the super duper op heros and new goal post positions take some time to reach me. :slightly_smiling_face:


Getting an alpha is nice, so congrats — it’s just that while elemental chests can still have nice things in them, it sure seems to me like a typical elemental chest contains “small stack of emblems, small stack of gems. junk junk junk junk junk junk junk junk.”

I mean, if I get one, it’s worth getting the gems and emblems; but I don’t feel like I need to be filling two (or even one) raid chests every day to try to farm the next elemental chest that much sooner as if it seemed likely to have something special.

Ludwig’s auto-taunt can buy time against getting obliterated on turn 2, sure: but if Brimstone and Gestalt fire (or fire again) on turn 4 or 5, all Ludwig has done at best is prolong the suffering :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t get me wrong, Ludwig is a great hero, but his Slow speed often means, outside of Rush, if you don’t have significant mana-hack technology or very favorable boards, against LB2 untold tales, constructs, and toons, either he’s dead before he fires or by time he is ready to fire, the enemy team is dropping five simultaneous flavors of atomic “lose” :exploding_head:

Also running Ludwig… means I feel like I’m kinda one-trick pony (Hemidall, Ludwig, Alfrike, and two other heroes whose entire existences revolve around keeping the first three alive, and even then, if the enemy is running heroes who are intrinsically immune to be Alfriked….)

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Dont even need those 2 beasts. C2 Li Xiu is my go to Ludwig killer. She completely neuters him (unless he is flanked by monsters and fires quickly).

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I dont say Ludwig LB2 solves all the problems but in a good team on defense, not necessaryly as tank he should keep you in the 2.6k cup range.
At least he does it for me together with the pain machine of which he is an integral part to. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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Why would you do that? Just start on Torben right away, Gefjon is like a 4star hero compared to him, you can always get beck to working on Gefjon after Torben is finished. In a FTP account Torben will stand out like a lighthouse, he´s so big. Gefjon is just another sniper, somewhat better than what you have, but not a game changer.

Gefjon is almost finished, and will still be a step up from who I have now. And I hate jumping around from hero to hero.

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I have a gripe with the scoring system for attacks.

It rewards you for 1. winning quickly and 2. matching a lot of combos, where 1 is absolutely luck-dependent in PvP and 2 is absolutely not what you want to do in PvP.

The criteria for good play against NPCs without specials and while being able to use battle items should be nowhere near the criteria for a skillful raid attack.

If you want to add points for something that isn’t the fact of winning, then there should be a point bonus for team power disparity between attack and defense team, or perhaps a health bonus (though the latter will result in stalling trying to heal).