League review, definitely needs improvements to say the least

Totally agree it’s anomolous. He’s obviously exploiting some matchmaking flaw and being paired up with people who he can’t lose to. I don’t understand the matchmaking protocols. They’re designed to keep players grouped by strength, but obviously are able to be manipulated.

Well, after previous global betas the real loot was not much better than the placeholders, at least for people out of the top tiers (for the top tiers, however, it was significantly improved). So why should we expect here will be different?

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IMHO the real complaint should be them doing a global beta in the first place. I am not a beta tester for the game.

I enjoyed it. It was a different sort of Pv’P’ mode not seen in the game before, and at least all participants have an equal number of potential attacks (unlike tournaments with their uncapped? attacks).

Main suggestion from me is for there to be League flags rather than use raid flags.

I liked the gameplay too.
After reduction of attacks to 6 per day it is also OK with me to use raid flags.

But if the loot is not significantly improved, I think I will not play it again.
And I mean not the top n ranking rewards (they should be improved too, but it’s not the point) but rewards for playing in 2nd, 3rd and 4th round (the first round reward can remain miserable, to discourage people who just sign up and not do anything more looking for any reward they can get for free).

What was interesting was the matchmaking. In the first round I was getting much stronger enemies than later. In the last round I had some enemies, whose defences were even weaker than my def team (about 5,2K) and on average had about 5,3K TP. But in the first round all the teams I was fighting were in 5,5K-5,8K range.

I agree that the loot is too stingy given the level of effort. The Weekly Tournament provides much better loot for the time and effort involved. If I have to play the League for a month, then just the participation loot should be much better!

I also was baffled by the matchmaking. I do very well in the Weekly Tournament, usually in the top 25% or better, but did terrible in the League. Something is off.

I also agree there should be more Loot brackets. Why so stingy? There should be a bracket for less than 500,000 rank, more than 500,000, more than 250,000, more than 100,000, etc. I’m tired of these events where only the top 10,000 get anything substantial

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So you’re one of those forum users who like to insult people for some reason. Do you feel better?

Well, when you post inaccuracies…

It’s a global test…free to partake in if you choose to. You chose to knowing what you’ll get. Now that you’ve done it and received paltry loot, it’s someone else’s problem?

All beta tests are the same. They’re not required to give you what you think you deserve and you’re not required to partake in it.

It wasn’t a “months” long slog. It was 4 weeks, which is less than 1 month.

Again, you didn’t have to partake in it.

For the record, most publicly traded companies are not run by saints and their one and only goal is…you guessed it…money!

They’re not a 501c3 charity. They’re a publicly traded company with investors who only want one thing in return….money! That said, there are plenty of freebies in this game. You might not like what they are, but they’re there nonetheless. Generosity and gacha don’t belong in the same sentence IMO.


Sure the loot was awful, but this was beta and we knew fully well it was going to be awful.

I was glad I participated to gauge my own competitiveness. I wanted to know how high I could expect to go and what sort of resources I could expect to use. I ended up in the 4th round, but way out of the top 10,000. I wanted to know how high I could expect to go and now my expectations are realistic. If the loot tiers aren’t widened, I don’t think I will bother with this again. It was a tremendous number of raids that seriously dug into my personal time. (For me) it didn’t end up being as fun as some other events like the towers or elemental quests. I find that I am more creatively challenged to come up with workable teams in those events. The league event was much more of a grind for me, largely using the same teams over and over to take advantage of the bonuses. I know that other players with better rosters could do more to switch out their team compositions for higher scores. That isn’t me.

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People complaining we spoke about the loot not being good is quite stupid. Its called feedback, you do it so they actually improve the rewards. We are fully aware it was a beta but its also a fact the loot was bad and lets be honest throwing abit better loot even for a beta isnt gonna hurt them and they even know this hence the updated free emblem gift.

Its called feeback, stop moaning about people highlighting the rewards wasnt worth it. Id rather SG hear that from multiple people and change it over no one say anything and they dont. A few things need to be improved and they was listed, let people share their feedback.

Or maybe stop “moaning” about the loot being trash when they’ve already said it’s just a placeholder. Global beta test is about actual technical issues that may arise and the dev collecting data on their end making sure everything works. They already know what loot you’ll have across tiers so you’ll have an opportunity to actually “moan” when the event is no longer in “global beta”.

So, maybe just have some fun? :wink:

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People will always complain about the loot. There’s no upside to not. The staff is deaf to it by now.

Not actually a participation gift, per se: didn’t have to have even signed up for (much less take part in) Hero League to receive it!

I mean, yay, free stuff, though a lot more free for someone who didn’t even do Hero League at all.

From the outside looking in:

  • I think there’s a point to be made that more people might have done the Beta, or more seriously/for longer, if the “placeholder” rewards had been at least mildly desirable or even not effectively negative (given that raid flags used on HL didn’t yield the food/iron/recruits of bog-standard raid wins)

  • I would find it unreasonable for someone to sign up for HL somehow hoping that the loot would be better than what was actually stated up front, only to find that it’s not, but

  • I find it reasonable that folks would provide feedback to the extent of “I did it this time because it was ‘just Beta,’ that was a LOT of effort and the rewards are gonna have to be a LOT better for me to want to do that again.” (In the lack of such feedback, what SG will likely “learn” from this Beta, as arguably with some other more recent events, is “if we can get berjillions of folks to grind X for no or even negative reward, why should we really improve the ‘placeholder’ loot?”)

  • Sometimes I actually do wish that more people who don’t like a given event or portal would simply skip it. If SG, say, decides to blatantly unbalance Toon costumes to drive more spending at the Costume Chamber and they then see revenue jump, their conclusion will be “this thing we did was good for us and we need to do more of it.”

SG is a lot more likely to respond to what we do as players than to what we say (especially if we don’t follow up what we say, e.g. if we say we want better HL loot but then go on to play it anyway, even again, even for essentially no or even negative net loot).

And FWIW, I did skip this Beta myself. Given both what was announced in advance and what participants have been reporting about it since — I think that I am both happier and even better off even in game resources for not having taken part.

SG may well respond to player incentives. I learn from SG incentives, and the lesson reinforced for me so far from HL, from the outside looking in, is that indeed truly sometimes for parts of the game “the only way to win is not to play.”


No one is moaning except the people complaining about people bringing up the loot.

We know its a place holder we can read. Never got you trolls that try to act like some ascending know it all by repeating the text in a game.

Place holder or not, its feedback. When theres a beta you leave feedback. No one was moaning about the loot, in fact most people just said “loot wasnt good but…” because its feedback and thats the point of it.

The whole thing is a placeholder as its beta, they could change any of it so should we just not bother with feedback? No. Obviously feedback is needed/wanted and people slightly touching on the loot not being good or worth it to normal raiding (using the same flags) is good feedback as well as the other things they highlight.


btw in february it is :stuck_out_tongue: And in many other calenders besides the Gregorian one it is always. So if you want to be nit-picky about something, do it properly!


Wow :rofl: Splitting hairs here, Dyna.

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I’m in the same boat, but I haven’t quite decided about future participation.

I thought that their gift in the inbox after it was all over was very generous and made up for any lack of loot in the tourney. Good stuff, I’m grateful.

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No, actually I don’t (like to insult people – I already felt quite good, thank you). But some forum users seem to be overly dismissive of contrary opinions.

LOL this is absolutely hilarious :rofl: