Leadria – 5* Nature / Green - December 2023 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

Yes it is. The elemental link to all is effective immediately. The family bonus to all isn’t effective until the family bonus for 2023 has been established. These are two entirely different bonuses.

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Please point to where you have seen that or it’s just your personal assertion!

If it’s effective immediately it should be displayed on the card in battle?

Do a search for this thread. If you don’t understand this, I can assure you that everyone else who is reading this thread does.

Its posible they revamp her or bring her to the before of the Nerf? Por that woildnt happen? I just pulled her. My third Green 5* and not sure which one level

You know, every one reading including myself understand that for all old Htm their elemental links affect all team when it’s activated a year after their release. And this is when you combine 2 or more of them.
But the point you refused to understand is, it has to be activated along with family bonus. For this 2023 Hotms they have not been activated yet, they would be possibly Jan 1, 2024, right now you can combine them all you want. Their elemental links won’t affect all allies until activated!

For Tahir you claimed to have used, it’s a 2022 HotM if I recall , it was activated this year.

Your link is jpg.

Version 42 Release Notes & Status

This is when it started, note that it was 2021, that year the legendary family bonus for 2021 was not available until 2022, thereafter family bonus for 2022 became available in 2023…
And again family bonus : comes with the elemental link that affect all allies when two or more family members are combined.

If you still couldnt understand, there is nothing more I could do, but to say stop the wrong information!

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Someone needs to spill the beans on what the 2024 family bonus will be. Who do I have to blow?

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2023 family bonus will be activated in a few weeks for that 20% + 10% = 30% to be true

And for now it is not yet, so both are right, maybe just a bit of miscommunication

Btw, i unreallistically hope for +5/10/15% mana gen for the 2023 bonus, but in realities it could be like +5%10/15 defence instead :sweat_smile:

The big picture on Leadria is that she has potential. In the right set-up and with the right team mates she can very much be a plus. Not a trash hero. Not a worst ever. One with potential.

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I’m the right circumstance, you get 90% health from the minions and 100% boosted health… But… How many raids or attacks do you get 22 turns to max out the boosted health. The game is so fast… It just seems unlikely that she will make a difference against the fast monsters we see near the top. In the middle… Maybe…

No one said she can’t be used, anything can be used if one is desperate. But compare to other option she doesn’t stand out. Her minion is merely equivalent to a 30% heal, forget the 100hp, is so small is not worth mentioning. You know we have 4* that do 30% heal, chance to boost 10% and cleanse. Or 4* that heal 40% and dispel. So she doesn’t even heal better than a 4* which cost way less resources to lvl up.

The +30% SSDam, and to get full +30% you count the EEL which force you to use another HOTM of same yr limiting options to just 12, even assume you got them, how many of them are actually worthwhile, otherwise it’s merely +20%. It’s nice on paper but it’s not that great just as SSDef. And if SSDam is what you are looking for, Glenda from 3yrs ago gives +40%, does dmg to 3 and cleanse all allies. And forgot to mention, not everyone has Glenda but you can hope for CCGrimm, a 4* that gives +40% SSDam.

So Leadria barely does her healing part equal to a 4*, and give +SSDam worst than a 3yrs old HOTM or a 4* costume. She is like a bin that ppl throw crap into that others don’t want, and some call that trash can. So technically she isn’t trash but a container of trash. :put_litter_in_its_place::rofl::rofl:

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I feel… We should have context to our opinions. She’s great if you are new or have a middling roster… But if you are fighting in to 100 wars, she’s probably not the girl for you. My w3k team (group of 100) finished at 74, so that means I’m roughly in the top 15000 of the game… So that is where my opinion is coming from…

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The family bonus is activated once yhe year is over. The elemental link is activated upon a card’s special being cast. Two ot more HOTM from same year, and everyone will share elemental link, o ce that special has been cast, for the number of turns card indicates the link will last.

Also known as the “El Naddaha et al love making you regret HotM” special, when the shared element links instead all become “everybody takes 200 damage instead.”

Y’know, for anyone trying to use HotM to keep up.

Ouch, good point winces

BTW, before telling her bad, compare her to Jan 2024 HOTM, so you can see the trend … I can hardly decide between these two, Leadria and Zora :sweat_smile:

Now my Balur looks not so bad (at least he has a Fiend protection in Opera :joy: )

Feb 2024 HOTM looks a bit better to me




Ya those 2 are really bad. One is as bad as Bertila, a HOTM from 3yrs ago. One with mechanic that you have to purposely make it bad. A single target 480% never miss fast sniper, whats that going to do? And you have to hope you miss your subsequent special to gain minimal dmg gain, it is so bad you have to have done it on purpose :rofl::rofl::rofl:

This nerfed hero is worst than a 3*… She is unplayable…
Please SG, reconsider revert it to beta version

The discription on the card is not equal to the special
. It boosts per turn. If I pair her (1/1) with krampus (1/1) I can easily finish season 1/23 with her . She boosts per term as long as the minion is on. Krampus and any other taunter is supporting her . Give it a go and tell me what you think

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I’m considering Winifred. Does anyone see a synergy between leadria and her… Outside of minion health and small overhead, nothing really pops.