Ok just a thought as a leader we should be able to view our members levels that they are currently on and be able to help them pass those levels if needed

In fact, as a leader and co-leader you should be able to do/view much more than you can now. I hope one day they will do something about it.

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Do you mean map level? You could talk in alliance chat or Line/Discord and you can advise. It’s also possible to video record a fight with a 3rd party app and show to your alliance mates.

Yes I mean do mean map levels!

I think leaders need to have the authority to opt members out of war individually as well as a whole.

Leaders need better diagnostics. Some stats on who did what for wars and titans would be nice, with records over time available. goodness knows the data is available


I don’t think leaders should be able to mess with anyones individual accounts (like watching what someone is doing or opting out of war).
I do think they should be able to send a private message to your alliance members to discuss things like activity without having to do this in front of the entire alliance (and without having to get their attention in chat). I get why there is no private messaging in the game, but I don’t see that it would be a problem to pm inside an alliance (and especially if only the leader and perhaps co-leaders are able to).

Edit: and what @Infinite said :wink:

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I wouldn’t like if leadership could directly control my gameplay. My time, my money, my fun. :yum::sunglasses:


As a leader I wouldn’t want to have control to opt members out of wars. Personally, we always double-check with all who’s available via in-game chat and Discord before a war. I feel that it is up to the members to do this themselves.

Being able to look into their levels, there really is no need imo. If you have the communciation there your members will ask for help if need be.

Everyone is different in their strategy, for e.g. because of my OCD I comppleted S1 as soon as I could; whereas others in my alliance aren’t even halfway through yet have fully maxed 4s and 5s and working on their SH, etc.

Also alot of people have real life stuff going on which could be why they haven’t finished a map.

If you do use Line/Discord then upload guides, etc because not everyone likes to communicate either for whatever reason. This will help those that are shy and they can easily peruse the information required.

I do agree that we should be able to pm a member within the alliance, as not everyone likes using an additional app like Line/Discord.

Just my thoughts :slightly_smiling_face:


Im not saying we control the gameplay I’m saying it would be nice to just be able to view our members maps and levels just to be able to give pointers and help them beat those said levels if they should need the help or the help needed should arise

This game isn’t even remotely close to an MMO where you may need serious leadership.
What exactly does a leader do in this game? Filling in/changing the clan description?

That is because you are unable to view stats on titan hits, war participation, complete hero roster etc. Alliance functions are useless, glad you can at least kick someone. That’d be the only useful thing.

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That is a great and easy to implement idea! Would really like to see that happen.

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Leader sets the tone and the goals of the alliance together with co-leads. Rules, cheerleading, recuitment, conflict handling among others.

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