Leaders- Tips For Making Your Allience Management Work -

I thought this might be an interesting topic for Allience Leaders.
This isn’t for complaints but instead for tips and suggestions to help out leaders who find it hard to manage their Allience.

Add your Allience suggestions here for others to revert back to.

Suggested topics to kick things off!
How to go about finding new recuits.
Communication/chat Options.
How to prepare for AW’s.
Reasons to boot players.
Reasons not to boot players.
Be life style friendly.
Getting to know your members.

These are just a few ideas that leaders complain about where by placing them here might help avoid some leaders questions.

What do you think?


I find that getting others involved by providing player roles has help our allience to grow into a long lasting union of loyal members.

Allocating roles to different players like
Recruitment Officer x2
Battle Strategy Co-ordinator x2
Hero team placement master x2
Farming specialist x2
Titan team options officer
Rules enforcer

These options work and has made our allience strong with at leastc25 of our members together now for months.

Everyone is important and all help out the newer lower ranked players throughout the game.

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As all leaders would know having to repeat the rukes to every new player can get annoying at times and we don’t have an option to keep rules in place permanently in our chatroom.

We Setup a Line App Allience account and place our rules for new comers to read.
Changes are easily made and kept for all to revert back to anytime.
Doing this also removes the “I wasn’t told or didn’t know” factor.

Plus it saves me the leader having to repeat myself.


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