Leaders roll


Ok I have seen post on here about leaders being gone. I am a leader of a great alliance.
Being a leader does not mean you can take off and not be around. If you take the time to start a alliance take time to let players in then be a good leader.You need to be understanding, helpful,but also you need to be hard. An Alliance is only as good as there leader. An alliance is only as strong as there leader. My rules are simple be active hit Titan you miss 2 days your gone. No drama no disrespect. I have plyers who are still with me from day one e.


I don’t agree on the “hard” part, but I do on the rest. I am a leader myself and we have a policy to ask before kicking.
I like for everyone to be able to share their opinion if they want to, so I ask for input. It works for us, we have a great alliance, we help each other and everyone is happy.
I think you should have your alliance (as a leader or member) match your style, if it fits, it works.:blush:


Oh I agree when I said that was for non-activeplayers if youplayers who are only in it for themselves. If u got 27 players hitting Titan and 3 not but they get the Titan loot then be hard and kick slackers piggie backing


Hey, I feel like it’s a balance between being hard and appreciating your allanice mates. Myself and some others left an alliance because the leaders would be gone for weeks at a time, and recently my leader left and I was gifted the leadership. I kinda take it with a badge of honor, like to lead by example and give shoot outs for those doing well or leveling up. When we first started we kinda gave rolls to each of the higher more active players, and it worked kept them more involved. We have a wide mix of players, most just don’t want it to be like a job, but our rules pretty simple miss the Titan 3 times with no heads up why your missing then you’re out. Just my 2 cents, but remember anyone can start an alliance keeping it at full strength, and killing high titans that’s a different story.


Just so you know, players who do not kick the Titan ALSO do not get that Titan’s loot.

A player is only shooting themselves (and their alliance) in the foot by not hitting the Titan.

(We also have a “miss 2 Titans without notice and you’re gone” policy.)


Oh wow I was told when I first started they get the loot. Cool .thanks for that info!!! I mean yeah I am not stricked but I also thinking about all the players in my alliance so yeah da boot happens I have sinple rule let us know


It’s commonly accepted that leadership>bossing when it comes down to making ppl perform and evolve. Just saying :wink:


I understand what he’s saying though: Leaders make the unpleasant calls, not just the rah rah fun stuff…


Yeah us leaders are good when we let thendo what they want. But. Mean bossy. When we enforce rules