Leaders role/control in wars

When we get notification of “war matching starting soon” or even “war prep time” does the leader of the alliance have control to check or uncheck a participation box of members? In other words, can the leader pick & choose who participates in wars?
Any input appreciated, thank you!

No. The leader can choose to opt the entire alliance out as a whole, at any time before matching starts. They cannot pick and choose who gets to play.

Personally I don’t think they should be able to control what other players can do.


@ NPNKY, Thank you, I totally agree with your sentiments.

What exactly does the “leader” have control over other than setting the group as “invite only”, etc?

The leader can:

Promote members
Demote members
Kick members out
Allow members in (in invite-only alliances)
Opt the alliance into wars
Edit Alliance Banner, name, icon
Set cup requirements for entry

Because of these abilities, the leader can also set the requirements and expectations of the membership: Activity, communication, responsibilities using promotion, demotion, or booting as incentives.

Co Leads have all the same powers as Leaders except they cannot promote themselves or demote the leader.


Thank you Hazard, very helpful :slightly_smiling_face: Happy Gaming!

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