Leaders of the Pack recruiting


Hi there!

Leaders of the Pack have gone through a member purge due to inactive players, so we are looking for new recruits to bolster the team. There are 8 spots currently available!

If you have 800+ trophies and will both attack Titans and join in the AW, we’d love to have you join. We’re 18+ and have a fairly active chat with English-speakers from the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

We currently attack 5/6* Titans, but have attacked 7* in the past when everyone was pitching in. Majority of members are Levels 30-51, 8 of our Alliance have played together for over a year as a dedicated core, and the rest have been with us for at least 2 months.

Join Leaders of the Pack!


Still have spots available. Come check us out.


We do still have spots - please feel free to check us out!


Leaders of the Pack are still on the hunt for new recruits! Join us!