Leaders/Co-Leaders ability to see & help members create teams

I would just like to suggest an option for leaders to be able to view (with permission) members character lists so that they can help set up teams for newer members or anyone in the alliance for that matter. I apologize if someone else has already suggested this as I am new here.

I like this idea. As I’m usually the one helping team members set up defense.


It can be really time consuming to go through a persons team without being able to see what they have. Hopefully the developers can add something to accommodate this request. I think it would be well received.

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I think it’s a great idea! Being one of the lower ranked members of my alliance, it would be a big big help to me!

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Nifty idea.

Most alliances have solved this by setting up an external chat (Line, Discord etc). And like that you can just screenshot and send the pictures :slight_smile:

I understand that, I was in an alliance that did that using discord. However I just feel like it would make gameplay easier for all involved. Lots of players aren’t loyal to the alliances and switch a lot so now you have this growing list of people when all you want to deal with is your current group. I guess I just want it streamlined all in one.

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You could have it in list format in the game. Wading through screen shots on disccord can be a pain.

It could be laid out like the hero roster without the big artwork.


I agree. I’m not overly concerned how it’s laid out I just don’t want to have to have another app just to run the group.

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