Leaderboard not updating

There are missing places in the leaderboard including myself here is a picture:

Scores not updating too.

Close the app and relaunch E&P. Problem solved.

It worked when i restarted second time but this is a workaround , the bug is still there

I’m sure it’s not a bug and is determined by how often invocations are sent to/from the server.

It is not feasible to have millions of players all sending invocations through after every action.
Servers will overload.

However, If you shut the game and re-open, it will force an invocation and place you in the correct leaderboard position Note: Sometimes it takes two game restarts to refresh.
For a similar reason, you may think you’re top 1% in the tournament, but in actuality you may be top 5% because the leaderboard has not refreshed.

I could be totally wrong, but that’s how my app works - invocations are only sent when forced or at coded intervals.


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