Leaderboard for Highest Raid Winrate Percentage

The current Leaderboard for raids shows teams that have a high trophy count. That’s great and we all know how to get there. But how good are those players at successfully raiding??? I suggest another leader board that is ranked by your win rate. You can have an all-time and past week or 7 day rolling average. It would have to be conditional since you could just cup drop and win 100% of your raids. I think a fair measurable condition would be to take the strongest hero of each element in your roster and combine them with your respective strongest troops to come up with the best Team Power you could fight with. Lets say that number is 4200 TP. Then SG would only consider the raids of when you face 4150 and greater TP teams in this Leaderboard calculation percentage. And these types of raids would have to be at least a good percentage of the raids you fight. I think this would eliminate any way that you could cheat this leader board such as cup dropping.

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