Leaderboard busted

Noticed something weird; was at a low cup value to be top 100 and when I looked at the leaderboard I realized a bunch of people were missing from my own alliance and quite probably others too.

I killed and restarted my client twice, saw the same behavior all three times: there were players that were clearly above me in cups on the alliance member page that weren’t displayed on the leaderboard. Additionally when I looked at these same players profiles they were listed at the correct rank for their cup value.

Attaching a set of photos documenting this after the first client restart. Happened just now; @Dante2377 also saw in game after I asked in alliance chat if others were seeing an issue. Took a video of the leaderboard as well if the full ranking list is desired.

I noticed this too, and so did my husband. Have you or has anyone else made a support ticket?

I noticed this same thing earlier Thursday morning, too. I had an alliance member that was climbing in cups and it showed him ranked at 13 on his profile page, but he wasn’t on the leaderboard at all. That’s when I noticed a few regulars of the leaderboard weren’t on there either, like Zero.

Further information:

It’s only showing people who are online or perhaps recently online.

Freya logged off, and has now disappeared off my most recent leaderboard even though he/she is still listed as rank 10 in the profile.

Also Boar and Livluv have just popped back up after not being anywhere in the top 100 within the span of a few minutes seems highly unlikely given typical raid duration. More likely they came back active and now show up on the leaderboard confirming the issue.

I just submitted one.

Maybe they didn’t use the new version of the game. Yesterday I updated the game again… Maybe this guys didn’t…

Thank you for reporting this, we’re currently investigating the issue.

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