Leaderboard beyond Top 100


Just wondered about the ability to see beyond the Top 100 on the global alliance leaderboard. Would be good to see up to 250 or maybe 500.

Just a thought anyhow


Been thinking about that many times. Haven’t checked if there is similar topic already existing but you got my vote. The suggestion is easy to implement and is very useful for everybody who wants to join particular area alliance (say top 300, 500, etc.) but doesn’t know such alliances to search them by name.

This will give players, who are looking for a new home, easy way to check many alliances in the same area he/she is looking to be in, without having to endlessly check all spamming ads in game or other recruiting places.



There are so many alliances now, why not show top 200?

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In favour of this. Not likely to ever be in the top 100 so an option to see what alliances are on your level would be good to see trends and likely opponents in the same way the top alliances can

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I totally agree. It was interesting to push the boundaries, more top 100

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