Leader vs. Member [days in Alliance] discrepancy question

What i don’t understand is… in some alliances, a Leader joined 4 days ago… a Member has been with the alliance for 411 days and other members with various number of days. How can a Leader be the last person to join an alliance with say 30 members in it who have been there for many months ?

They could have appointed a temporary leader before leaving, and when they came back he/she was promoted to leader back again. :slight_smile:


I thought once a Leader leaves the alliance whoever has been there the longest becomes the new Leader and can not be demoted but i could be wrong…

No a leader can appoint anyone. In most cases this occurs when leadership goes to a sister alliance to help out on titan or some capacity and returns before war.


The leader has the ability to promote anyone, even up to Leader.


Right makes more sense now… thanks for explaining this.