Leader vs. Co-leader

I need to know exactly what a leader can do that a co-leader can’t. We have a inactive leader and I’m the only co-leader. I’m trying to see if we need to start a new alliance or not.

A leader can promote an elder to be a co-leader and a co-leader to replace him as leader.

If you are the only co-leader, you should start a new alliance. Because if you are leaving the alliance no one elae will be a co-leader and no one will be able to change the alliance settings.


I successfully rolled over an entire alliance to a new one with a similar no show leader. Doesn’t take a co-leader even. I just told all the members that it was time to start over. It did help that I had 2 teams and could communicate between the old and new alliance, but if you have contact with another member outside of the game it helps.

Go for it.

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There’s a great thread on moving an inactive alliance to a new one. The OP had a lot of insight that may help.

It’s been a while since I read it, but I believe this is the thread:


Feel your pain @DracoAtreides.

@LadySuzanne already kindly linked my thread.
@ tag me or @Annieb if you have any questions about how we did it.

We ‘mutinied’ against an inactive leader 6 months ago and now we have a 90 member alliance family :blush:


Thank you. I have read your thread and it has helped. We are going to do it. I just want to do it right.


Good luck !

20 pieces of luck …

Well we did it, and without line. We ended up with 22 of the original 27 members. We have now opened the alliance to new members, and now are 25 strong. Thank you for your help and advice.


That’s great news, well done.

What’s the alliance name? We’ll look out for you on the battlefield

sigh Whatever happened to “Let’s meet up for a pint, or a cup of coffee!”:stuck_out_tongue:


I think he’s inviting you to enjoy a pint…in Valhalla! :skull:


Our name is Demon Seed

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