Leader seeing who opts in/out

As an Allience leader it would be great to be able to at all times not just duringbwars who is opt in or out of AW’s.

When you bring up a members profile this viewable option should be there.

Who agrees?

Sounds like a good idea to me. There have been people reporting that they weren’t set to participate in wars even when they thought they were, so a double-check would be of benefit there.


That’s the reason for my request as I have some members who didn’t know they where automatically opted out after so many none participations and are now asking who their not included in this AW’s.

As a leader being able to keep track of this would benefit the allience as well as help out beginners who don’t know how everything works.


Sounds like a good suggestion to me…

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I like this idea too, and sound rather simple for the devs to implement. :+1:

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Similar. Thoughts of giving leader ability to opt people in or out? Could help if someone goes on vacation but forgets to opt out. Could be abused, but really if it was, sounds like it’s not a good alliance any way.

I totally agree Ozy1, I also think it would be nice if a leader had the option to update a player in the alliance as opting out in case they forget or are not participating.

I suggest to add the rule that those join a team challenge but do not partecipate, do not get anything. After all, this would not be sufficient because those join but do not battle or just take a lazy hit make an egoistic game.

In my alliance, I proposed to check those do not partecipate and opt-out them the ally. Obviously, this approach might work with a team leadership effort which keep the ally focused and engaged.

We cannot ask to the editor to support loosy team leaders but to give them the right options to avoid the ally parasited. Unfortunately, any powerful tool could also misused.