Leader of an alliance is offline for 60 days & trying to get back his account

Hello guys and girls.
I have a problem with leader of my alliancce who lost his phone 2 months ago and started to play again recently. He sent request to support how can he get back his old account and did everything what they asked him, but he still can’t log in on it.
I’ve been looking for a place where to ask and I’m not sure if this is the right one. What else we can do in this situation ?
Thanks in advance for any help

Unfortunately I think the only option is to continue working with support. No one on the forum has access to address game account issues.


Haven’t he linked his account to Play/app store account?

He did, but when he tried to log in, he has only his new account to choose. Support told him to create new account under same e-mail.

and that is right. otherwise i could tell i lost my phone and i would want your inactive 2months old account. :wink:

But you couldn’t log in using same e-mail right?

they said to make a new account with the same email, if they did say that it means you can.
my guess is that they are testing you to see if you really are the owner of the email address or if you are just trying to get an inactive accont

do as they say and if you can login in thata email addres to verifiy your new account or get the password for that old account then all is good.
if you are trying to scam you cant get in the account and things remain the same.

either way doing this topic is useless.

That’s strange. I got a new android phone and when I log in, I can Chose the account I also got on my old phone and here I am again!

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