Leader no longer active in the Alliance

So the leader of my Alliance The Big Bad Wolves has not been active for 56 days and counting. I wanted to know how do we as an alliance get a new leader.

There really isn’t anything you can do. I would just find a new alliance. If there are only a few of you, the alliance I’m in has 4 openings; Team Super Saiyan God. Leader is very active and we take players of all levels.

You can’t remove a leader, your only options are to stay and deal, or find a new home :slight_smile:

You could try asking support to remove the leader, but I’ve never heard of them doing this…


What Stephen said. Join a new alliance, or start a new one.


Start a new alliance with everyone from the old alliance transferring over

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Here is a thread to help you if you decide to start a new alliance with your fellow members


There is nothing you can do with your existing alliance in this type of situation. My advice would be to speak to members and agree who the next leader should be. Then agree on a new alliance name and who should be co-leader and elders. The newly appointed leader then has to leave the existing alliance and create a new alliance for everyone to move to. Done … good luck

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