Leader MIA

What can be done to remove a leader that has been MIA for over 400 days. This is total abandonment in my book and totally inexcusable.


Start new in another alliance.


We have been asking for a solution to this well known problem for only four years.
Maybe we can hope for 2030

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Ha ha. So if I understand correctly, you can creat a new alliance and then merge the team?

Not merge, but let the whole team know where to go to.

Good Luck!


As the others have said, you can do nothing. :sweat:

Not quite that simple.
Your only option is to

  1. Make a new alliance
  2. Tell your current alliance mates your new alliance name and the active players join you

I’ve known players that got lost in the process, so clear communication important. A note in the former alliance of where everyone has moved to may help too.



If you have at least one active vice leader. Create the new alliance, let the vice leader set a new featured chat message, and change the alliance description with your new alliance name and let everyone who’s willing come with you.

Also if they don’t find you, say them were they can find you in the global chat. Don’t know maybe peer support, or general discussion. If you write there from your new alliance and someone from the old sees you there they don’t have to look for the new alliance through the alliance search, but can directly enter the alliance over your profile.

Thank you. What is going to take to get the game to listen then act. This cannot be an isolated issue.

You can do absolutely nothing as others have said.
You currently have two option:
(1) Establish a new alliance and everyone who wants to can move to that alliance
(2) Merge with an existing alliance depending on your numbers.
Good luck


If you have an outside game group chat like Line, ensure that all active members are in that group chat.

Communicate there too. This way those who lose their way can find the rest of the group in the new alliance

Only works with Android. Doesn’t work for Apple users.

Is it broken recently? Worked for me the last time I merc’d (last POV). I’m on iPadOS and not iOS, though, if that makes a difference :woman_shrugging:

I’m using android so can’t be 100% sure, but I know at least one person in our alliance using apple who is able to do everything I described.

BTW which part do you mean doesn’t work for Apple users?

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The part where Apple user can just join that other player in the new alliance.

I tried to do that when the feature was released. Was with a pack hunting titans. Couldn’t join when they joined an Eastern European alliance to merc. I tapped everything from the profile icon to the other alliance. Nothing happened.

Don’t see an option to join either.

Maybe I did it wrongly then. Or maybe it wasn’t available for Apple users then.

So we are mercing regularly and the other apple users don’t have problems with joining over the profile description in the chat.
It seems it works at least now, don’t know how it was a while back…

400 days of waiting for him/her to return while staying put sure is some dedication and devotion, while not totally without rewarding aspects (e.g. you can still function as an alliance and can still hit Titans, go to war, so long as your leaders did not opt you out prior to his/her absence and have no way of reactivating), and you have stayed as a group and likely got to know some or most of those active players who likely would like to stay as a group).

Others have made solution and suggests on what to do quite clearly and the key is obviously communication. Just wanted to share some of what happened to my previous alliance that was the same way.

This was in 2018, so back then there were no featured messages but outside chatting platforms (Line and Discord were). So after our leader went MIA for a good 100+ days, I was only Elder at the time, so what I can do is very limited and the only other co-lead was only quasi-active and does not talk much. It was at a point where war was just introduced and was not optional. I myself did not care for the wars, and found out that some of the active players that do chat are too, so we openly talked about possibly finding new digs where we have more power and ultimately choosing to form a new alliance was the way to go as opposed to joining others. I mean, that co-lead could’ve been a nasty fellow and decided to kick us while we were discussing this, but luckily he wasn’t too active any way, and I didn’t think he cared.

So it was coming up with an Alliance Name (you’d be surprised how hard that could be and how many times you’d have to second guess that choice), making sure others get the message within chat, setup an outside chat (we picked Line), then through the chat message and those that joined the Line Group to get a feel of how many that are willing to come with.

I was picked as the new alliance leader and obviously had to leave the alliance first to start a new one. Would have been pretty awkward if I ended up in a solo alliance with no one to show immediately right? (hence communication). So in Line, we had to decide the Alliance Name and let the guys/gals in the Line Group know the name of the new alliance (because there was no way for you to message your former alliance mates from a new alliance). Also, before leaving, either through chat or Line, I requested one member to stay behind to get the message out to any others who weren’t really chatty, and stay as long as he reasonably could, before leaving the old and joining the new. Luckily, he was not the last one who got the message and followed the bread crumbs we left behind.

The rest is well, history. We are still in the same alliance 3 years later, I am still the leader. Aside from myself, there I believe is only one member from my old alliance left (ebbs and flow of the world, things happen, people come, people leave).

One thing I do want to bring up is, if you have enjoyed playing with the group you are with now and thought about leaving, don’t wait too long to pull the trigger. Chances are, they are looking for greener pastures too and probably even thought about leaving had you not said anything. Turns out that was what happened with us too and I might have lost a few more had I acted later.

Good luck in your new home.


No idea really how that works. I followed the instructions given and didn’t get “transported”.

Doesn’t matter now. I am casual, very soon … absent.

Thanks so much. Great Advice. I am so there glad there are wise leaders “running” around out there.

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