Leader got banned


Not that I’m aware of but co-leads can do everything a leader can (promote/demote, kick, adjust settings, etc) except maybe opt out of wars. So you can still function without him/her.


Maybe SG can implement something like a democratic vote for a new leader. The option can appear, when the leader is off for 7 days? Except he/she has checked the holiday box for maximum 3 weeks.


why did he get banned from the game?


no idea really.
obviously co-leaders can do some of the tasks, but on the end this account is using a space and earning no points in the wars. After writing to the support we only got an info that spamming support will lead to a ban…
What is wrong with you SG??!! :confused:


Only fast way out of this mess is recreating the alliance without your banned leader.


That’s what we’re doing due to absence but it’s going to take a lot of co-ordinating…


i didnt know it was possible to get banned. what can one possibly do to bring a perm ban upon themselves???


Is suspended and banned the same thing? I received a suspension notice for “toxic behavior”. Basically, I voiced my displeasure at customer service to customer service in no uncertain terms. I encountered the worst customer service ever and I let them know about it. I am still upset with them. Instead of trying to deal with me, they just suspended me. Anyway, I am suspended and cannot get an answer from support as to whether this is permanent or temporary. I spent a lot of time and money on this game. I would like to know


As someone that’s dealt in customer service, I wish I had the opportunity to have done this.


SG is a private company and they have the right to ban anyone who is “toxic”. Customer service is provided by actual human beings who shouldn’t have to be subjected to abusive, verbal assaults.

There is certainly a way to voice your complaint without resorting to such behaviour or language as to get yourself banned.


Moderator’s note

A reminder that discussing details of moderation/disciplinary actions is not permitted on the forums. No lines crossed yet, but let’s not go there.


Well, “toxic” is their term. Upset at poor customer service because an issue wasn’t resolved seems like a natural response. I called their customer service awful. And then horrible. And it is bad, to the point of ridiculousness.

However, I just want to know how I find out if suspended = banned. They used the term “suspended” which does not seem to mean permanent. And if it is not permanent, how long? I am sure others have experienced this. And their “support” team has not answered. And now I am getting “office closed for holidays” automated responses. A week? a month? this seems ridiculous to me.


It isn’t something the moderators want discussed on the forum.


This isn’t accurate.

I’d be perfectly happy to allow any topic to be discussed, but #forum-rules set by SGG explicitly prohibit this:


Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer to this, and only SGG Support would really be able to tell you.

We’re all just fellow players (myself included), so we don’t really have much insight into SGG’s internal operations.

I do know that most of their Staff is away for the holiday weekend — they posted that over here:

So my only suggestion, unfortunately, is to contact Support again, and just wait to hear back.

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Asking for suspension time and what to do in an ally with a banned leader don’t touch a rule as long as there will be no discussions due to the reasons for those.


In other words, best of luck


I certainly hope they get back to you and resolve the situation, I just don’t know what else to suggest.

Asking about this on the Forum is akin to having a problem with the staff at a hotel, and asking people hanging out in the lobby bar for advice. We can listen and commiserate, but we can’t really do anything to help resolve the issues.

I do wish you luck in resolving the situation, though. :slight_smile:


Well, I would say it is more akin, to asking people hanging out at the hotel bar where the restroom is. Someone probably knows. I spent a lot of time and money playing this game. Canned responses and automated responses from customer service is not customer service…anyway, thanks for the advice.

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