Leader/Co-leader strategy room

I am a Co-leader in my ALLIANCE, we just ran into a situation that has caused confusion within our ranks. Our ALLIANCE Leader was discussing various strategic ways going forward in wars. I came back mid conversation (not knowing it was just a strategic proposal) and made all of the requests being discussed. Which has led me to ask about a “PRIVATE” chat room for just the Leader, and Co-leaders to discuss strategy??

That’s one of the reasons Alliances use third party apps. We have a group for the entire alliance, another for elders - co - and leader, and then another just for the co’s and the leader.


My first alliance wanted this as well. We formed a private email group to discuss things, but that only made our other members suspicious of what we might be discussing behind their backs.

Justifiably, I suppose, since occasionally we really were discussing whether or not they should get the boot.


I’d highly recommend Line. It lets you have various groups, use your name from the game (privacy) and share screenshots. Plus you can save important notes, and not lose any of the conversation due to too much talking.


This is precisely how most governments are run

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Yes, but is that a more effective argument for or against the idea? :grin:

Its all been said!
There are plenty of choices diffrent apps could solve that…
Nowadays there are more than 300 diffrent comunication apps just search one that fits all…
I personally use 5 diffrent communication apps for many things … work/gaming/chatting/whateveryouwant…

I would rather suppor a way to pv a random player in game than that…
Because within aliance well thats not a problem(at least it shouldnt be)

How much save on the phone is needed to run properly?

For me, the line app takes about 300 mb, and saved chats take up about the same

Like few already recommended, we also use LINE app. We have a main conversation chat with all our members & one dedicated to the leader & co-leaders. If I can suggest something else, is to name the “management” chat group. So you can recognize the proper chat easily when communicating with people.

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