Leader and coleader messaging some members

I am leader of my alliance, and I have some troubles To contact some members who didn’t tchat or read the homepage.
Could be possible To contact the member by private message for leaders and co-leaders.
Just for changing troups or team in defense and so…
Sorry I’m not English speaker fulently.
Have a good day!

@Jimmouche SG has said before they aren’t considering adding private messaging to the game:

Many alliances address this by establishing a chat group on Line or Discord to have chat outside of the game.

That’s what my alliance does, and would be my recommendation.

A lot of people have also discussed possible improvements to alliance chat, many of which have been aggregated here:

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THANKS but some of them don’t want social network… I tried

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That’s typically been the argument that people make about adding game functionality instead — that plenty of people don’t want another app outside of it just for communicating.

From a practical standpoint at the moment, that’s unfortunately the only option, but I think it’s useful when the discussion/suggestions are continued, so maybe some of the pain points are addressed by SG.


Hi @Jimmouche … you may want to try putting a message on you alliance banner for that member to contact you through game chat … just a thought… hope that helps :+1:t3:
•I understand social media can be somewhat uncomfortable for those not familiar with it but like @zephyr1 had mentioned: line, discord or Facebook are good tools for communication.
Anyway good luck …:100:

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