LB to lvl 90 and then 100? When?

So we all know this is gonna be. But when? Starting new round of LB i assume? In December or January?
The usual lvl for hero will be 100 and this is very good direction. WHY? It actually shifts meta from very fast heroes towards slow heroes.

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I don’t see it happening that quickly. I’m also not sure if limit breakers will be the thing or if we’ll need something like costumes where the bonus o lot applies to the costume hero.
Could always make emblems go to say 30 instead. Either way I think we’re good through the end of the year.


They’ll probably wait until someone asks on the forums here. Then they’ll know the population is ready to pay up for it.

As long as nobody asks, we ar… oh lawd!!


Rule 1, NEVER ask a question you don’t want the answer to. Learned that early in life.


well I need to know :slight_smile: and possible other players as well. Its important info, not IF but WHEN we can limit brake same hero 3 more times. Its LB management. As new round will start lots of players will start braking 2nd hero of same color. But if on december we could limit brake it 2nd time then that would be some disadvantage if I spend my LB on 2nd hero and not on defence.

It´s probably that when the next levels of LB get implemented we can collect aethers from other sources and in bigger amount.

Just like everything else that gets implemented. If SGG sees a jump in Revenue from the introduction of Aethers and LB Heroes, then guess what … Its going to happen sooner than you think.

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Realistically, by the time they do another level for LB, there will be a lot more heroes and you may want to change your mind on who to LB. But sure, go ahead and hold onto them, or just go with the flow.