LB the dark side

what dark hero should i break, let me hear your opinion.
Thanks for your posts!

I think I should go with Ludwig, but since you can’t undo it, I’m unsure

I give poll:

  • Ludwig
  • Lapiota
  • Killhare
  • Agrafena
  • Dr Moreu
  • Freya
  • Seshat
  • Khiona
  • Obakan
  • Myztero

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ludwig is already OP why not make him more OP right… Boosting Freya’s minions would be cool too. Don’t forget Rigard.

Ludwig for sure. Don’t mean to hijack your thread but I just don’t want to start another one. Which one for me.

Dark Lord received a lot of love recently, which made him even more desirable. With an estimated attack of 1000, that guy will hit pretty hard. But you will hit just one target, that’s my biggest issue. Dr. hits decent too but his overall effect could be better. Plus placed as Tank or flank, chances are high that he can hit 1 or 2 times. I lean towards Dr., if there is a need for you to lb one. Since 5* ethers are extremely rare I would rather sit and wait.

thanks to your support, i decided to go with ludwig and this is what he looks like

thank you all for your support


Dark lord, purely because i like cards that fire to kill. I use Dr M more often with Panther and he still struggles to kill most meta today. I have been on the receiving end of Dark Lord and he is damn mean. His poison is not much of a threat though.
The only prob i have with Dr M is his blind is a lottery.

I have LB Krampus, LB Vanda, LB Phileas and now deciding who to do for dark: Killhare, Onyx or cSartana and for holy: either Odin or Mica? I currently have killhare and Odin in my defense team, but use both Killhare and Onyx in my attacking teams

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I say killhare and Odin. Lucky!!! lol I’m thinking I’ll lb Ludwig over Bera today

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