LB Russell or Yang Mai

As title suggests I need input on who to LB. I already have Mitsuko done and red is my weakest color by far. I filled out Marjana since I don’t have her costume. Elena and Khagan are sitting at 3.70 and have been for years despite having 28 rings. I could Max them and still have plenty of rings but with soul exchange they may go in if needed on a must have.

Anyhow I’ve seen both versions in the LB database and I lean to Russell since he hits harder and never misses plus adds burn to nearby. I know Yang can do multiple hits but she’s only slightly better with that than Misandra after they nerfed her 2x in beta down to 50%.

I have 8 5* red aether’s and haven’t pulled at all yet in s4. I have 24 pulls and still have to finish hard from providence 14 or so which will give me a few more. I’m done pulling in s2,3 other than the occasional pull when farming and once I finish s5 I’ll pull there to but for now those 2 are the choices. I pulled their cards for comparison below from the database.

BONUS-Would you lb silvaria? I have 10 5* green aether’s and frigg already lb.


I did lb mai… But i don’t use her nearly enough and when sg nerfed her mana she gives… It really affected my fondness for her. I’d lean russell or wait

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I have Yang maxed and emblemed but in my opinion she isn’t worth LB, she is usefull but not hood enough. Russel is better and I will LB mine at some point.

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Personally, I would do neither, but if I had to then my pick would be Russell. Yang Mai is probably my biggest disappointment since Clarissa…

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I would not do Yang Mai. Have her, Marjana and Russel. I did Marjana, because she is fast. I use Russel against dodgers or blinders, so he is not always in my red attack stack, Marjana is. I am hoping to get her costume one day. Khagan would be a good choice for challenge events. His mana boost is great, his slowness can be overcome with mana potions. He is even better with costume bonus and a magic troop.

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rusell much more better than marjana, guaranteed hit and will become fast once fires.

I am waiting for emblems for Russell. Once he gets it i will LB him and also Tahir will LB once i level him. Sylvaria for me is a underrated sniper in disguise. I will LB her when i am done levelling Heimdall. I use Russell on a lot of fights with Dodgers in wars. He hits pretty decent even without emblems.

Funny you mention Clarissa… The ONLY non s1 I have gotten in over 80 attempts from ha10 is Clarissa. Lol. I max emblemed her and lb since my purple wasn’t great until the last challenge fest portal where I got costume g. Panther on single coin pull. I still use Clarissa with panther, sartana, Domitia or grimble. I know she’s not a dark gravemaker but for me being ftp now for years it’s good. The 1/80+ sucks.

Thank you all for the replies. I was leaning towards Russell since Yang got the mana nerf and in beta they knocked her extra hits down 2x despite nobody asking for it from 70% to 50% which makes her slightly better than Misandra.

I have 8 aether’s so I’ll probably go with Russell and if I have 3 still left. Plus I have 25 pulls in s4 and will have 35 total once I finish hard mode so if I do get Elizabeth or someone from another portal I’ll still be able to lb them as the red quest will be back by then.

Marjana would be the easy choice if I had the costume but I don’t and as I said I will have another 5 if I do get a good red. I just think regular Marjana vs Russell I have to go w him since he doesn’t miss and burns 3 etc.

I didn’t get a ha non s1 into 48th… I’ll still behind pace… But one month i got 3… Only one was useful to me… But they’ll come… And the way I figure it… I just saved 15 5* trades for all the ham and time.

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