LB or increasing roster?

I just finished my fifth 5* and my defence is settled. I could LB some of them. But i think i should max some of my 4* or bring some 5* to 3/70. This would give me more opportunities for wars and weekly tournaments.

What do you think about this? First LB or first roster depth?

Build your six war teams first.
Not every 5* is worth to break its limit. As a rule of thumb LB no S1 hero except you have its costume.

The S1 4* healers. ( Rigard, Melendor, Boldtusk, Kiril and Sabina) are all worth to LB. Same with the dispellers Sonya and Caedmon.

Post your roster here so we can better advice you.

Happy gaming


Thx for your advise.

My plan for green is:
Phileas Fogg to 3/70, then max Melendor+costume. Afterwards i could max Caedmon+costume or start Mither North and bring her to 3/70 to have an additional healer.

I have LB-mats for red, green and yellow.

Thx for your help.
Here is my def team and my leveled roster roster:


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agree with him finish your 6 war teams, you need healers like melendor, kiril,ferant is a must as well

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Quenell is a best and worth the LB. Long term Fogg is better on defense.

I would not bring 5* to 3/70 yet. You hshould do Melendor , Proteus, Trevil and Ferant. Fully levelled 4* heroes with a few emblems are way better than 5* at 3/70. And you can use 4* at 5* tourneys and events. 5* even at 1/1 can only be used in 5* content.
With your good defense team no and additional 4* will easily beat the rare quests to get more 4* mats to ascend more 5* heroes. Work on them if you have the ascension mats ready.
Happy gaming

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Thx for replying and your help guys.