LB Lepus or Morel?

I just pulled Morel and I have enough mats to get him to 4/80 +20 (I have to move emblems from non-costumed Lianna to him because I don’t have enough for both). Master Lepus is already +20. I’m really torn on which of the two would be a better candidate for the aethers. Thank you in advance!

I would probably say Morel. Hits all, fast, and d-down.


LB Morel first. Then you can LB Lepus later when you get more aether. I’m pretty sure they will make aether more abundant later on just like they did with emblems.


Why him and not Lepus?

Overall better hero on defense. Don’t get me wrong, Lepus is also top tier but Morel has the edge. The only single situation I would consider LB’ing Lepus before Morel is if you have Roostley and Killhare both emblemed and planning to LB them.


I don’t have either, but I’d definitely do Morel first. Perhaps Lepus costume will be worthwhile in six months.

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Unfortunately, I have neither. The only thing holding me back from doing Morel is how much difference in damage output Lepus brings to the table compared to him, albeit only on three enemies on a regular formation.

I mean, Morel does 210% to 5 heroes on first cast so combined 1050%. After LB, he goes to 961 attack stat.

Lepus does 410% to target and minor to nearby so thats combined 820%. After LB, he goes to 956 attack stat. But he also gets -20% def after.

You can’t really directly compare them but most of the top defenses are running Morel.

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I would do Morel as he is a great support hero. If you have other hero cards that can finish the job after morel fires, then go for Morel. Heros like Frigg, Odin, pair well with Morel

If you use Lepus on defense and often on offense i will do him as he kills most of the times by himself. He is a glass canon and would benefit from the LB and may hop a little longer.


Morel is your BEST choice.

Very good points. It seems my figures were a bit off. What say you when his costume comes out and he gains the bonus? Would you think he’ll gain more advantage compared to Morel?

If you’re looking for an argument in favour of Master Lepus, one could say that being an older hero the bunny would benefit more from limit breaking than the s4 hero with his brand-new stats. Morel will be in the top tier for a little while yet, whereas Lepus would be in danger of being left behind.

In the end it’s your aethers, so up to you which approach makes you happier! I am holding onto mine until I have enough to limit break more than one per element, or until one becomes so obvious that it would be daft not to just do it.


Sure, Lepus with costume could potentially be better than Morel, but Lepus costume probably won’t be released until Spring 2022. By then you’ll probably have another set of 5 blue aether III.


Yet another good point. thank you! Morel it is!

thank you very much for these points! I’m definitely leaning towards Morel now.

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