LB Frida or C-Magni

  • Frida
  • C-Magni

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Who would you Limit Break?

Frida seven days a week, and twice on Sunday.

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Frida would be my pick. Reason being, she will always be good. I like C-Magni alot, but he is slowly falling out of fashion already. Frida can be used pretty much everywhere. Amazing for titans, great with a blue stack for raids, as well as during wars. She will likely always be great in those rolls.


I will do C Magni as he does what he does best and the additional stat boost can make him better. Frieda being slower than him sometime is a liability in raids as she dies even with her paladin on. So i rarely use her other than titans, wars and paladin quest. I dont have C Mag, but regular Magni is always on the 3 2 blue stack.

I mean, they’re both good, but EDD is always good if you ever stack that color at all (even 3-2, much less mono)

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