LB Fogg/ Frigg vs. Brynhild/ Tettukh - lack of 3* Aethers


So I have a bit of an unusual dilemma. I was lucky enough to pull a 5* Nature Aether from the Alliance War loot.

So now I would be able to lb either Fogg or Frigg. I am leaning towards Fogg, since his greater attack stats could make him much more dangerous and he can use some more survivability.

But before getting this 5* Aether I was planning to lb either Brynhild or Tettukh, leaning towards Brynhild because I use at least two healers in each of my war teams.

My other lb 4* Nature hero is Caedmon.

So far I’ve chosen to mainly lb 4* heroes and I was very satisfied with this decision. For Holy I could have lb Sir Roostley or Costume Leonidas, but I chose Mist and Gullinbursti and it works great for me.

What is your advice?

I am also curious about others, for me the biggest problem is not the lack of 5* Aethers, but the lack of 3* Aethers. If I would have more of them, I could upgrade many more 4* that are really needed in my small roster. Are there others with similar problems?

I’ve also broken mist and gulli and am super happy with them, so glad to see great minds think alike :+1:

I wouldn’t worry about the lack of 3* and 4* aethers; maybe I had some dumb luck but I was able to break the previously mentioned 2 plus odin. It’s all subjective and in the hands of rng, but if whatever you do helps your performance with titans and/or war just go for it.

I actually faced the same decision and broke frigg first since she’s on my defense and use her more. But best believe unless I pull an uber green, fogg will be up next round.

Bryn has always been one of my favorites, so I would prioritize her in the 4* group…

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Congrats on the nature A5.

I don’t have FoGG. However I feel FoGG is fine & FriGG gets used more, she is a better priority between the two for LB.

I had to decide between Hatter & FriGG. Hatter is better option for me than Evelyn as I like to steal & use all buff fro opposite, but in the process, against riposte sometimes Hatter dies but still delivers the buffs to the team, so wanted to prioritise him for LB to keep him alive more…
FriGG was being used considerably more so LB her ! Brilliant decision so far & Hatter gets the next set.

FoGG’s dispel first & then hit ensures he survives more… & dispelled hit is a good snipe !

4* decision too is very personal… both good heroes…

Good luck deciding …

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Thanks for the reply, could you please share how has it impacted your game? My feeling is that Frigg is much more dependent on the green tiles on the board than the limit break :slight_smile: Is she much more dangerous when there is a medium number of tiles on the board?

FriGG DD makes her a regular player on most of my teams.
While she depends on board for both DD % & damage %… both specials work well in a combo.
LB has improved her stats which improves : A / D / HP = survivability + higher tile damage + better impact to contribute a win as a hero.

So its is multiple number of specials of FriGG that make her valuable… I use her way more than Hatter & Evelyn combined.

Since you have her in the roster, I am sure you have your own experience of FriGG.

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I have her and she is very important, especially for her fast defense down to all. Just that most often I have to fire Fogg, Frigg and Caedmon to kill a hero. And probably Caedmon and Fogg would kill a hero together as well.

And for titans, I have to use Buddy more than her due to her inconstant def down…

I have both Frigg and Fogg. I chose to limit break Fogg as his fully emblemed attack stat goes above 1000 which is awesome. I use him as elemental defense down on titans and any raid/attack etc. Even though I use Frigg paired all the time, I didn’t feel the LB was as good. When I face anyone in Diamond that has her on defense LB, I find her no more difficult than if she wasnt. I think LB C Kadilen or LB Fogg are better from the defense teams I have attacked. For my offense, i chose Fogg and than I will prob do C Kadilen next.

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