LB Fire - Emilo/Garnett/Yang Mai/Zim

Already have BK and Saoirse LB and leveling Zim as i type

Who to LB next

  • Zim
  • Yang mai
  • Emilo
  • Garnett

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Emilio in my book, not that Carnet isn’t good, I just don’t like using ninjas on defense.

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Honestly I wouldn’t rush to LB those yet.
Wait for the Gargoyles and the Styx family.
See what you pull and then make a decision
Whatever you choose to do good luck

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I am F2P so not pulling anymore or much anymore so just trying to use what I have

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In that case Garnett gets my vote
Well done on the F2P

If you don’t intend to obtain further 5* reds, then Garnett, otherwise non are worth limit breaking.