Lazors Swords - ONE spot open

Lazors Swords is part of the Lazor family of alliances and is looking to recruit one person to join our group. Our alliance is a mixture of advanced and mid-level players who are very active. Our requirements are:

  • 4100+ TP for defense (Negotiable - especially if you have the right war tank)
  • 30 maxed 4/5* heroes for war
  • Chatty with a great sense of humour
  • Able to communicate with us through LINE

At the moment we are taking down 10/11* titans. We do not have a minimum damage for titans or point score for wars but we expect members to hit the titan daily or to use all war flags (or opt out).
We are also an alliance with members who actively compete in the monthly challenges. Great place to come learn how to place on the leaderboards and get hold of those guaranteed, sweet 4* AMs.
If interested, Line kianclee.

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