Layout issues on Pixel 2 XL


See overlap of Titan energy and gems

See 4 columns in hero list instead of 5


I was looking at possibly getting this phone, but have heard the rumblings of screen burn in being a real (overblown?) issue. Have you noticed any Burn in from Empires?? as that would be the primary thing on my screen.

Sorry to hijack :stuck_out_tongue:


See cut off edges of hero portraits - this also occurs in battle.

There are other minor issues I’ve come across as well, these are just the main ones so far. I am coming from a OnePlus 3 which seemed to lay out everything perfectly.


The burn-in I think might be overblown due to Google’s extensive testing in response; regardless, Google has upped the warranty on all Pixel 2 devices to 2 years and are releasing software updates some time soon to make the chance of burn-in or ghosting even less.


Layout looks to be fixed as of latest update. Thanks!