Layla, you've got me on my knees

Has anyone maxed Layla (possibly giving emblems to her) to use her in 3* events?

I remember using her at the very beginning and I liked her a lot. But now I’ve already a lot of purple 3* maxed (and some emblemed) and it may no longer worth the effort (and materials).

Anyone raised her?

(Eric Clapton playing in background: “Laylaaa, you’ve got me on my knees. Laylaa…”)


My Layla was maxed with emblems but one day I ate her

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same for me. Even with emblems, she just could not compete against 3s. and there are so many good 3 Purples (Balthazar, Bjorn, Jack, Tyrum…)

Of course, if I had the roster space I would have kept her for the nostalgia factor. But I ran out, so she and Sha Ji got fed…

btw I moved your thread to the Gameplay Help & Tactics area, where it fits better than Player Guides. More likely to get discussion going too if it’s here :slight_smile:

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I have her maxed, I even used her until few months ago. she can be useful in titans, wars, TOL or ninja tower if you lack bench heroes. now I have 7 maxed purple 3 stars, 3 maxed 4* and 3 more in level process.

My 3* Purple line up is not bad (C.Balthzar+20, C.Tyrum+20, Bjorn+20, Bjorn 3/50, Gill Ra+20, Guardian Bat 3/50, Vlad 3/50, Jack 3/50) and I have still to to raise C.Renfeld and possibly Chochin or a second Jack).
I suspect I’ll never see a maxed Layla in my roster :slight_smile:

I max emblemed Layla. She was my best dark until I drew Balthazar. She still helped me through the Trial of Shadows for several months afterward.

Lyla, yes she is still there in my hero bench. Sitting with my maxed heros. Its been 3 years now. And she will be there forever.
:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Lyla.

I’ve faced her in other’s defenses fully maxed. She’s easy to take out.

Layla is a great starter hero but she loses traction once you have a bench of 3*. Beyond the nostalgia factor there’s no reason to keep her.

And that is one of my top 3 favourite songs.


then you don´t need her, only if you want to try hard in those rare 2* tournaments.

Not sure if you’re being sarcastic but there are no more 2* tournaments


That’s what makes them so rare.

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I played once long time ago, left the game for more than half a year, I returned few months ago.

I love Layla. She was one of my first heroes and I played her till the 2* tourneys were scrapped. She was also the first hero I max emblemed and is the only 2* I’ve kept. I love her art, and she has been my avatar from the very beginning.

So far she has been sitting in my roster looking pretty but now that you’ve mentioned it, I might take her out for a whirl in the next 3* tourney.

Here’s my Layla emblemed up the def path.

I do have many good purples levelled up.

But Layla is Layla.

(Love the song. And now I can’t get it out of my head!!)


Layla… She has been one of my favorite character art in this game. She is also the only one that shows up in the main loading screen, but never seem to get any prominent role (story-wise) in the game.

That aside, she was also my longest staying 2* hero in this game since I started playing. Back then, I had managed to draw the heroes of other elements to 3*, except purple, when I eventually did (drew Prisca), I eventually had to retire her to the sidelines. And, like @sleepyhead mentioned above, if it were because of roster space capacity, I would have kept a maxed copy of all of my 1* and 2* there. But alas, roster space became an issue, and I had to feed her off.

Could have been made a 5*, this Layla.

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I would love to see her made into a 4 star as a gift for her strong love in the community

Go vote for it here


Took her out for a spin at ToL lvl 2

The team:

Obvs Layla is the hero!

Layla vs Drake:

You go girl!!



Just used her & Sha Ji in the ToL, so yes I have & use her. She’s part of the logo, and it’s weird that she’s a 2*.

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Came across her at +20 on the last 3* tourney… sorry, she became nice toast :fire:

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