Lawn Chairs recruiting

Don’t like your alliance? Too strict? The game not that fun any more? Well come on over to Lawn Chairs. All we ask is to hit titan (currently running 9-10*), participate in wars when able ( we win more than we lose), and be active. No strategies here, no judgment… just a fun laid back international alliance that will help you grow and enjoy this game.

Bump. Still looking for some people to fill the lawn chairs

How many players do you have currently in the alliance?

26 players currently could possibly make room for 5-6 additional but I would need to talk to my follow co leaders

Just to update (and bump) the view from the lawn chairs: 4-1 on titans win 9*,win 9* rare, escape 9*, win 8*, win 9*. 1-1 in wars. No new members yet but we are hitting the recruiting trail hard. Hope to see you out there.

Update and bump 8-3 on titans most recent ones all 9*’s should be getting a 10* pretty soon. 3-1 in wars. 2 war win streak. Trying a purple tank strategy. I don’t think that is the reason for our recent success but hey whatever works. Stop on by still some free lawn chairs available.

Usual 3 day update slash bump for historical reasons. Now 9-5 on titans. 10* got away just wasn’t ready for it. Then had to let the next 9* go spent to much energy on that 10. But got a rare 9 next and crushed it. Wars are bright spot 4-1 3 war win streak. Plus picked up 2 new players. The lawn chairs are filling up. Come get a seat before they are all taken.

3 titan kills in a row(8* and two 9*) brings us to 12-5. War streak ended at 3 record sits at 4-2. Still winning more than we lose. Come join the fun. Find a seat in the lawn chairs

Rough go at titans this 3 days. 2 escapes (10 and 9) 1 kill (9). That brings us to 13-8. Still winning more than we lose. War was not much better. Lost 2 in a row. 4-3 coming back down to earth i guess. Still having fun. Nice laid back alliance. No pressure but sit down in that lawn chair.

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