Launch issues?

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I’ve got an alliance member who cannot get the game to launch on either android tablet or phone this morning since V48 went live. Both are updated and tried reinstalling as well. Is this a known issue?

It’s happened to me once. I inadvertently deleted the game, and could only install the previous version for some unknown reason. I got a message telling me to update the game, but the update option wasn’t available anymore in the Google Play store.

I solved it by manually downloading and installing an APK. Hope this helps.

I had problems logging on via Wifi today after downloading V48. On both iOS devices.

iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone 11 Pro Max

That same connection error message kept popping up.

Switch to 4G. Could load but slow.

Nothing wrong with my other apps. Only this game.

I have an issue too. Unable to connect to facebook

Welcome to the forum @Clark iv had no issues with update … If it continues continues best to contact support …

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This problem has been highlighted. There’s another thread. Staff have responded: looking into this issue.

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There i was, excited for the new tourney, THE ONE, made just for me. Was about one hero away from the win on the first battle and BOOM, i am taken to the screen above and i cant get out. Thanks a lot. A chance for top 1%, but oh HELL NO! IVE GOT 25 5* HEROS I CANT GET PAST 3-70. I CANT GET MY GAME ON MY NEW PHONE. I CANT MAKE ANY PURCHASES. ZINGA IS SLOWLY DESTROYING THE GAME, ITS WHAT THEY DO, I GUESS. I have a lot invested in this game. You tell me to go check with google. Google gives me canned answers and im still not fixed. And WHY DO I SHOW SIGNED IN AS “DISCOBOT?” I AM NOT FVKCING DISCOBOT!

Google has my account effed up and there is nobody but bots there and i need you guys to figure out WTF!