Latest updates to the terms of use ... Not really up to date!

Continuing the discussion from Updates to Our Terms of Service & Privacy Policy (November 2020):


On November 19, Small Giant announced updates to its terms of service and privacy policy.
These effectively came into effect on November 24, 2020 and their acceptance by the customer was conditional on an in-game pop-up (as had been explained).
So far nothing to complain about.

On the other hand, there is something that is not very normal, not to say legal in practice … Let me explain.

The last updates to the terms of use, before these, are dated October 07, 2020 and those that are effective since November 24, 2020 are also dated October 07, 2020: there is a real legal problem here.

Indeed, to be legally valid, any update of the conditions of use and other policies must stipulate the date of the last update: here this is not the case.

It is advisable to put on the T & Cs the date of the last update. This allows the user to see if the site is updated even though the T & Cs may not be subject to change for several years.

However, if you want your T & Cs to have a contractual scope, and you have them accepted by the customer, you (Small Giant and Zynga) must put the actual update date in order to know which version of the document has been accepted by which customer.

Small Giant and Zynga ask their customers to respect their T & Cs and other policies, but do not apply the legislation in force regarding the dating of their updates: this is not normal, not moral and leaves a hovering doubts about your attention and interest in customer rights.

I therefore ask you to quickly correct the dating of your last effective updates to November 24, 2020 and not to October 07, 2020, in order to comply with the legislation and the right to information (the real one) of your customers: To date, in the current state of things, your last updates are always declared on a false date, which consequently invalidates the acceptance of your new T & Cs.

Thank you for your interest in my request.


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