Latest update....... Rewards still Garbage

So many fans continuously bringing up how disgusting the rewards are and Yep, nothing changes, except that the Developers have devised a new way of milking you for your money.
So many of my alliance members are thinking about quitting the game & deleting.
The game is supposed to be entertaining not frustrating, annoying & a waist of time, continuously opening chests only to get more Rubbish, over & over & over & over…


Really, i just want one penny for every time i read something like this.

And seeing how SG business doing, they probably get that penny, lol.


It would be interesting to have the data to see how getting lucky early—with ascension mats and/or heroes—correlates with those players becoming revenue sources and/or long-term players.

I think there’s been no change in ascension item odds in any previous item, but odds on the hero chest have changed—in a way, unfortunately, that assures that the rich get richer. It’s clear that there is now basically no chance of getting a rare mat from a Silver raid chest, and Gold is really unlikely. Sure, the odds are up for Diamond, but those 1,900 players are already those with the best teams, mostly maxed 5*.

While I agree with the idea of having a mechanism to encourage players to compete at the highest level, SG has done so at the expense of removing one source of rare mats for developing players.


Is this the same diamond section (2400*) where players are complaining they’re not getting goodies, so they drop back to platinum (1800+)?

I’m starting to think if players don’t get rare ascension mats regularly, they assume something is wrong. :wink:


yeah i should get one daily and not have to work to be the best. where are my free hand outs dang it? :rofl:


I want my Game welfare!! :grin:


on no shouldnt have done that @Rook good luck with the welfare backlash

See PM. It’s all good. :wink:

No Rook, “it’s not all good”.

There are players that have been opening crates as if they’ve just moved house, destroying Titan’s like they were pop corn, doing raids like it was,… well meh…
some would say rigged.
Some players don’t see ascension items for months & if you require so many of them, well… it’s ridiculous.
All the fans know this.
And your WELFARE comment… completely out of line, a slap in the face of FTP fans.
Without them there would be no serious player base, much less advertising revenue & little player input. The FTP fans are the majority, not looking for welfare handouts but a

I don’t mind playing a phone game, but I don’t want to be playing it for the next decade.


"The best"
have not worked for it , they have payed for it. Hence PAY TO WIN.
it’s not really winning when you think about it, it’s cheating.
You just drop some cash,… and WALLAH!.., you have an advantage over other players.

How can you claim to be a Hero, a challenger a winner… when you’ve paid your way to the top?


I am by no means a f2p player but can personally say most of my ascension materials have come from random drops. Not all but most. And i am by no means one of the best not even close. All the money spent on heroes makes no difference because i am waiting for the crappy random drops, but i understand that i shouldnt just have them given to me daily. I work for a sense of accomplishment and realize it is going to take a year maybe two to get a full 5 star team like so many i have seen and want. I dont want it all right now. Whats the point of playing a game if the best doesnt have to be worked for. These pay 2 win people you speak of have been playing for 8 months to a year. i have 3 months in and have no fully ascended 5 * and am probably a couple months out yet and I am glad for it. Dont want it to get boring

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That is one of the mechanics of the game… all game apps requires gems or diamonds… which means u have to give something to earn better heroes or items… and i dont think its a way of cheating… it just that some players have money enough to give to enjoy more the… game… i for one is still at low level but it is my choice what to feel towards those who are at the higher level because they have gems enough to get to the higher ground… they earned it… we earned it… but giving a conclusion that using money is a way of cheating is just having a crab mentality against those who wabts to go higher…

Admin… just erase this if it is not good… i just want to freely express my feelings to those who thinks theyre cheated because others have money…


I’m platinum and I got a mysterious tonic today. I think people just need to learn how to both play and enjoy the game. Get that 13/20 TC and run those camps until you get a good team. You can place on the top 5 with a full 3/60 4* team in many alliances who would kill to have you and then just be patient and have fun. The materials will come. You just need to enjoy it while you play. I like the odds of ascension items. It helps level the field between f2p and p2p.


given that there are multiple rare quests (3-4) each month, each dropping two non-farmable ascension items each, as well as between 2-4 non-farmable items available as completion bonuses (just completion, not placing) for intermediate and advanced, that’s 8-12 ascension items a month right there. I’ll post my alternate account and show you what you can get with smart playing and very little spending.



how old is this alt account

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that’s an account I’ve been using for roughly 4.5 - 5 months. I spent a small bit ($19 US total), but not very much at all. That’s 22 4* items, 39 3* items, non-farmable just in inventory. 8 x 70s = 8x6 = 48 more 3* items (compass gloves and 4 colored items). So that’s 22 4* items and 39+48=87 3* items.

This account has been in organically grown alliance that started at 5-6* when I joined and now is up to 9* titans. There was a small spend early, but has been f2p ever since.

This isn’t a leaderboard account, but I’m up to 2100-2200 cups on it and hold my own there. 109 ascension items over 5 months is almost 22 items per month. Of that entire lot, maybe 1-2 were purchased over Xmas. The rest were all earned in game, free of charge. To anyone who says it’s been months without any ascension items, I’m not sure what to tell you. There’s plenty of items to be had.


Not to rub it in. but i literally just got this in titan loot


one guy got Damascus blade, warm cape, and sturdy shield.

Thank you for this through account of a basically free to play account. some will say that you have been more lucky then others but as you stated even without random drops there are several quest and event with guaranteed ways to get some.

for the longest time, my only 4* heroes on this account were Boril, Rigard, Kashhrek, and Gormek. Not exactly awe-inspiring. But tc13 came through with 2x Lil John and a Li Xiu, which helped a bit for offense. I did get lucky in that two single epic hero coins got Sartana and Natalya.

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