Latest raid tournament gave me no loot :(

Did anyone else experience zero loot after this last tournament was over? Any connection to downloading the latest update?

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I don’t think it’s over yet…


According to the timer, there are still 20 hours to go. You may be finished with your attacks but your defense is still working.


My timer had completed, and it said next tournament begins in 24 hours…must be a bug from the new update. The timer is now back to battle mode.

Odd, @Aphrodite , my timer says 18.5hrs left
You might have just glitched for a while, and it reset itself…

Usually, the loot is returned a day after the tournament if I recall precisely, the tournament ends on Friday, the computed loots tier will be available about 9 am ( GMT or GMT+1 not sure of which ) on Saturday.

There is still another day to go. Once the raid tournament finishes, it usually takes around 15 minutes for the results to be finalised and then you’ll receive your loot.

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